Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hopefully On Tuesday It Will Be Resolved.

Neither Legends Nor Figures 1930.
Yves Tanguy 

One of my teeth, not my front teeth, but one next to it, corner tooth, just sheared off, for seemingly no reason; I was not even eating something tough.

My dentist says that he thinks that brittle teeth are a symptom of MS; he has seen many people with MS whose teeth break very easily.

Now I will have to wait until next week Tuesday, during the day I am distracted.

By being busy during the day, but at night when I am tired I really feel the exposed nerve.

These last 2 nights I have inhaled alot of THC, eaten a THC sweet and taken a diazepam and managed to sleep.

It has made me aware how important teeth are, can’t eat all the things I like, without my teeth.

Hopefully the dentist will be able to do something clever and save the tooth, which I think will happen.

I remember in the Sixties, Seventies dentists pulled too many before it was realised it was not good for peoples health.

Hopefully on Tuesday it will be resolved.


Ana said...

Those who take psychiatric drugs also have their teeth sheared off.
It is because the drugs creates an acid environment and the lack of saliva caused by the drugs make it all worse.
I'm glad you're going to the dentist. He will find a way to fix it and you should pay him a visit every six month or year if you can.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I went to the dentist yesterday and have 2 cracked teeth-luckily no pain. Did not know about MS and cracking teeth.Ugh! Oil of cloves or anbesol can help tooth pain or doctor could prescribe? Best wishes. Love, Mary

Webster said...

I had never heard that about MS. Perhaps Ana is right, and all the meds we take contribute to the problem. Also, dry mouth from many meds.

Sorry about your tooth just shearing off. It must have been quite startling, to say the least. Damned if it isn't one more thing. Hopefully he can build you a crown for it.

Herrad said...

hi ana,
i am sure psychiatric drugs will do that.
my dentist is convinced ms does it too.
he will fix it well.

hi mary,
thanks, dentist has painted protective layer which works well.

hi webster,
my dentist researched it.
i don't use lot of meds.

thanks you 3 lovely friends for coming by.