Friday, January 06, 2012

Brilliant News For The Lawrence family.

Night Fishing At Antibes, 1939

Jacqueline Lamba

Whilst the Dobson and Norris sentences are not really something to celebrate, but nevertheless, it was great news that two of the 5 racists had finally got prison sentences.

Prison sentences, they should have received in 1993, and not finally 19 years later; after all this time, it was good to hear that they were going to spend quite some time in prison.

For 19 years the five racists have been able to be free, to carry on with their activities, knowing they enjoyed police protection.

Apparently since the trial it seems there is new evidence, and at the same time members of the public have protested that the prison sentences were not long enough.

Now the sentences will be reviewed, it seems they may be extended to a minimum of twenty years, before they are eligible for release on parole.

Then if there any doubts whether they are rehabilitated, their sentences will get extended until they are considered safe enough to be back in the community.

I would not be surprised if they are kept in prison for a very long time, perhaps they will end up doing thirty years or even natural life.

Which would not be a surprise as the murder of Stephen Lawrence has become known worldwide.

New evidence may mean that the other three gang members may well be in court soon too, facing charges of this racially motivated murder, brilliant news for the Lawrence family.

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