Sunday, January 08, 2012

Positive And Optimistic Is So Vital For Me.


Richie is watching football, Manchester United against Manchester City while taking own the Christmas tree, once both are over it will be time for my shower.

This can’t come soon enough for me; my legs keep spasming every now and then, think I need to do my leg exercises quite soon on the Motomed.

I have been noticing various changes that the progression of my ms, has caused.

Things like needing Richie to rearrange my body, which moves involuntarily during sleep.

It always ends up in an S bend; this becomes intensely painful, it wakes me up, calling for Richies help to untwist me.

This did not happen at all until recently, now it often happens a couple times during the night.

The other thing I have notice is how extra sensitive my skin has become; both things have made life more difficult.

 As well as how my torso muscles are so much weaker, Richie has to almost wrestle in order to get me dressed.

That is why being positive and optimistic is so vital for me.


Webster said...

MS is one of the cruelest diseases I know of. We must become masters at Surrender. I'm sorry for your pain. I hope that a warm shower - plus the exercises, help you feel better.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
thanks for your tips, they do help.