Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visit To The Dentist

A tribute from Till Nowak
for Giuiseppe Archiboldo

Another tiring day today I had to go to the dentist, I booked the mobility bus last night, and for a change booking the trip was easy.

All we had to do, was get up early, Richie got up at 06.00 so he could take the dogs to the park.

Then he came home and showered and dressed me, and got me in the wheelchair finally at 09.30.

Then our friend Cecile arrived to dog sit, Tina rather surprised us by being in heat much earlier than we thought.

Tina has been loud, barking, crying, Cyril cries when Richie goes shopping, and Marleen will join in, we did not want to bother our neighbour with dog concerts.

No problems at home thanks to Cecile.

Sadly nothing happened at the dentist, my broken tooth would take longer to reconstrute properly then my 30 minute appointment.

They put something on and in my broken tooth to stop it hurting; I have 3 appointments for more fun,
14th and 28th of January and 6thMarch.

Because nothing much was done, we were ready to go but it was only 12 noon.

The mobility bus would not collect us until 13.00, although they promise they would collect us before 13, but didn't, they never do.


Webster said...

Shame that all the follow-up appointments will take so long. I figured it would take at least two appointments to fill the tooth, then build the crown then put in the final crown. It's a royal pain in the ass, is what it is. But hopefully whatever they did has stopped the pain in the meanwhile.

Herrad said...

hi webster,
the tooth will be reconstructed on the 14th feb.
then two more chipped teeth on 28 teeth will be thoroughly.
i have no pain at all now which is brilliant.