Monday, January 16, 2012

Sunday, 15 January 2012. It’s The Anticipation.

Georges Malkine

Well today is much better, although I am still feeling somewhat tired and not my usual self, not at all.

I found that I just felt too slow, so decided to give myself a break and take things easy.

Not surprising I guess seeing as I have not been well, not with my tooth breaking as well as an upset stomach and guts.

A few apprehensive days never knowing if I needed Richie to take me quickly to the toilet before an accident occurred.

Either in bed or in my wheelchair, neither option were favourite, I personally preferred no mishaps and no uneasy feelings.

Just to ensure it was a ‘fun’ Sunday, I took antibiotics last night, so that Richie could replace the supra pubic catheter.

Not my preferred activity, changing my catheter but best to do to avoid UTI- bladder infection.

 It’s something that is vitally important that it’s changed, even though I wanted it done, I still worried how it would go, it went well, it’s the anticipation that’s the worse.


Have Myelin? said...

I understand that. I wouldn't like that feeling... I won't tell you "not to worry" because I worry too. It's a very uneasy feeling.


Herrad said...

hi sherry,
it was horrible, so glad its over now.
hope you are ok.