Saturday, January 07, 2012

Two Down, Three To Go.

Dora Maar, Sans Titre, 1934

If it had not been for the tremendous work of Doreen and Neville Lawrence in building such an incredible campaign, to get action taken against the gang of racist murderers.

Five racist thugs would have got away with mindlessly killing a young man, who had a promising career as an architecture student ahead of him.

They did not know him, there was no reason apart from racism, the young man was black, and that is why they killed Stephen Lawrence.

A great effort by the Lawrence’s to get two of these five racists who callously murdered their son Stephen, finally before a court of law and on trial.

Their tireless efforts since 1993 resulted in a trial after 19 years since the murder in 1993 and guilty verdicts for two of the gang on Tuesday of this week.

Since the trial, already new evidence has come to light, now people seem to feel able to give their evidence safely, since the police protection is gone.

It may mean that the other three gang members may well be in court soon too, facing charges of this racially motivated murder.

Brilliant news for the Lawrence family and for all anti racists and ant fascists, and a clear message to racists and fascists that they will not be tolerated.

 It took 19 years, but finally the law has caught up with two of the five racist thugs, two down, and three to go.


Anonymous said...

It is encouraging in the sense that after that many years you tend to believe no one is trying.

Herrad said...

hi mary,
it happend because of all the work done by stephen's mother doreen.