Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Took My Needs Into Consideration.

Yves Tanguy 

What I have really noticed since my ms diagnosis is how burocratic the system is that administers aids for the handicapped.

Mismanagement, lack of care and attention, as well a lack of sympathy, empathy and understanding for people’s situation.

There were a few good people, but sadly they were outnumbered by those who were only interested in the wages not in the job.

Sadly many advisors are sales people first and advisors second, they will sell aggressively which is not a good approach for vulnerable people.

Being sales people first and advisors second means that the interests of the company are being met not the needs of their handicapped clients.

Frans from RTD Het Dorp is one of the worst examples of arrogant know it all, bullying salesman.

Who put getting the Seetech contract before my needs, his second opinion was to hijack the contract.

He did this by reducing it from 16,000 to 6,000, instead of a new system, it’s an old one, and the software is not up to date.

Only one language, Dutch no English or German and no possibility me to operate the home Servant with Seetech, my needs were totally ignored.

Now I am waiting to hear if my appeals is successful and HES who took my needs into consideration will get the contract.


Rhapsody B. said...

hmmmmm, make sense, you have to do what is best for you and self-advocacy has to be primary course of action.

Hope things work in your favor.

Stay blessed, my regards to Richie and the pets.


Herrad said...

hi rhapsody,
good job i can do my own self-advocacy