Saturday, January 21, 2012

Not Convinced.

Alice Rahon

Yesterday afternoon was horribly frustrating; it was a huge effort but every time no luck.

I just got the cursor laboriously pushed to the right spot, then my little finger would activate keys on the left side of the keyboard, then computer, search and many others would open.

Totally obscuring my writing, so I kept trying and trying, it took me one hour to write one e-mail.

So in order to rescue the evening, and before it did my head in, I had to stop, as it was getting me every down.

I saw no point in getting miserable, tried to cheer myself up saying tomorrow is another new day, with new chances.

Not sure I was convinced, it’s not easy having reality thrust in my face as it was yesterday.


Have Myelin? said...


You are stubborn. I like that about you. =) It keeps you going, that trait of yours. Makes you frustrated at times, I know. I can't relate to it (yet?) but in another sense I can.

For example when it comes to being deaf. I will hear something - and no matter what I do I cannot, cannot... make "it happen". In other words I can't make sense of the sound. WHAT DID DID YOU SAY???


Drives me crazy but what can you do?

(((hugs from across the pond)))

WHOA...word verification is a mile long word for me, it's gonna be a brain fart for me to type it. LOL.

Rhapsody Phoenix said...

Keep your head up, at times the challenge is just that, keep hope alive and the spirit of positivity fueled.

Have blessed evening. Greetings to your husband and pets.

Webster said...

I've been sleeping a lot this weekend, so just catching up on blog reading. I get frustrated at being a lousy typist, so I can't really imagine how frustrating it must be for you to be nearly unable to type.

I have high hopes that Dragon Naturally Speaking, or some similar voice recognition software, will come to my rescue when the time comes. Doesn't it do the work for you?

I'm so sorry for your frustration, especially coming after such a rough week. Maybe things will continue to get better, and this is just left over from that. HUGS to you, Herrad.