Thursday, January 05, 2012

Police Corruption Delails Trial For 19 Years.

Jacqueline Lamba

Its quite amazing the amount of damage which occurred because of the corruption of the south London police, which stopped them, doing their jobs.

Instead of that, they were doing everything they could to protect their informant, a drug dealing gangster, who sold cocaine.

This valuable informant was the father of David Norris, one of five men, who attacked and murdered Stephen Lawrence in Eltham, London, in 1993.

The police never even bothered to arrest them, despite numerous calls coming in naming the men.

They did photograph one of the gang the day after the murder with a full bin bag outside his house, probably full of vital evidence.

But instead of following the many leads the public gave them about the racist gang, the police decided that because Stephen was black, it must be drug and gang related.  

It was not a gang fight about drugs; it was a racist attack, by a racist gang who were on the look out for black people to launch a vicious attack on.

The police did nothing until Nelson Mandela was in London; he heard about the murder of Stephen Lawrence and gave the Lawrence’s his support.

The very next day the men were arrested and their homes were searched, but of course by then nothing was found.  

If they had arrested them right away and put them on trial; they would have done their prison sentences long time by now and got on with their lives.

This did not happen; they denied it was them for 19 yrs, for 19 years Stephen Lawrence’s family fought for the people who murdered their beautiful son, to be tried in a court of law.  

Finally two of them have been sentenced; to 14 and 15 respectively, hopefully the three others will be in court soon for their trial and prison sentences.

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