Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Being incontinent.

Sainte-Genevieve Des Bois, 1965
Henri Goetz

Today started very nice and calmly, Richie got me sitting with the big Quattron cushion around me.

Then he got my laptop, I got started right away proof reading and editing yesterdays post which I did not post in the end, because I was too tired.

All went well until I began to feel worried, then anxious so got Richie to get me out of bed and to the toilet.

As I was lifted by the hoist I started to crap in to my pj’s and carried on in the bathroom, and although Richie got me over the toilet I did it on the floor.

Half in my pj’s the rest as soon as Richie had taken my pants off, the movement seemed to trigger it off, shame I didn’t make it to the toilet.

But once I was showered and dressed I felt good again, the trauma of the rapid exit from bed left well behind me.

It best to move on and not let something like that get me down, pointless for me to get worked up by something I can do nothing about.

Being incontinent is really horrible but considering everything else, it is not the worse thing.

Never a favourite having to begin my day like that, but then it’s over and the day can really start

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