Thursday, January 19, 2012

See What Happens In April.

Toni Del Renzio.

Today started with a phone call from a flower shop who called to say they tried to deliver a bouquet yesterday, but without success.

No wonder they got our number wrong, no surprise we were not found, lucky they could phone. 

The flowers were delivered this morning, they are really lovely, very large bunch of gorgeous red tulips it was Aud, Richie’s sister who sent us this lovely surprise.

A truly delightful surprise, a nice way to start the day today.

The second call was from Welzorg; hilariously they wanted to make an appointment, only it was already made on Monday by my occupational therapist.

Th other thing that happened was I got the date for my court hearing appealing the council’s decision to refuse me air conditioning.

It will be in April, I can be there too which I had not expected, so we will see what happens in April.


Webster said...

Ooh, flowers delivered first thing in the morning; How lovely. And your hearing being in April will be good, too. Have a good day!

Herrad said...

hi webster,
i had a good one,hope you did too.