Friday, January 27, 2012

Preying On Vulnerable People.

 Aquis submersis 1919

Max Ernst

On Wednesday I received a mail about someone, called Dermot O’Connor, claiming he had been able to cure himself of MS.

‘’Dermot O’Connor was diagnosed with an aggressive strain of Multiple Sclerosis over fourteen years ago. At the time of his diagnosis, he was informed he would be in a wheelchair by the end of the year. Today, Dermot is symptom free and is in the best health of his life. How did he do it? ‘’

No neurologist would ever give such a diagnosis; they can’t because of the type of disease it is, the prognosis is difficult to predict.

There is no aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis, there are 3 types:
• Relapsing Remitting MS
•  Secondary Progressive MS
•  Primary Progressive MS.

When I looked up Dermot O’Connor, I discovered he had been an international banking consultant, who was diagnosed with MS.

He has now left banking to write books like The Healing Code The Immortality Code, he is endorsed by Paul McKenna, Author and Hypnotherapist who says ‘’Dermot is a gifted healer whose skills enable others to make significant changes in their lives”

He has opened clinics in Dublin and London; he claims success with illnesses ranging from serious conditions such MS, Parkinson's disease to chronic migraine.

His first media appearance was in 2006 in the Daily Mail, a tabloid not known for news, or accuracy they prefer gossip and sensation and innuendo, not facts.

He calls it a very aggressive form of MS, which it does not seem to be, so he is trying to deceive by misusing the term out of context, to lend gravitas to his claim.

Then describes how his first symptom was that he could not talk, I expected to read he could not walk, as I thought he had Primary Progressive MS not what sounds like relapsing remitting ms.

Relapsing Remitting MS can go into remission for years; so presumably he is in remission, I wish him all the best and hope his remission lasts a long time.

What I despise is how he is preying on vulnerable people with his books and clinics by claiming he cured himself of a very aggressive form of MS.


KParthasarathi said...

Abundant caution is the watchword for non-conventional remedies. Careful enquiries should be made before one opts for such cures

Travelogue for the Universe said...

This is a terrible person who would be so deluded. The health care system has also let those people down that MS sufferers would resort to snake oil salesmen.Have a great week. Love, mary

Herrad said...

hi kp,
i am always suspicious about such remedies.

hi mary,
dreadful person, deluding vunerable people for money.

thanks to you dear friends for coming by.