Sunday, January 29, 2012

makes my life good.

Edgar Ende.

This weekend has been pleasant; I slept well, despite waking up several times during the night, every night

I could sleep on each time which was brilliant, we both can, so glad we are not deprived of sleep.

That would make life really unpleasant, I hate waking Richie, but I can’t keep sleeping because it’s too painful.

Sometimes I try but usually I don’t have the choice, I often wake up calling out in great pain.

Richie is brilliant coming to my rescue each time I call out, I am glad we are together, Richie makes my life good.


Gareth said...

Hi H@R popping by to say a BIG HELLO to you both and the Doggies. Hope the complement of 3 dog dogs is working out? Nice to read about the plans to get the steering you need to be able to get to the park also the cusion for more support.
Did send mail with photos of renovations hope you got it?
Just got very cold over here and talk of snow, would,nt mind a bit as do like it:)

Travelogue for the Universe said...

It is so comforting you have each other. Have a great week with your man! Love, mary