Saturday, January 28, 2012

They Are All Preying On Vulnerable people.

Edgar Ende.

I find it quite incredible, but expect that there are other people like Dermot O’Connor claiming they have been able to cure themselves of MS and other diseases.

Dreadful that someone would seek to fool people with progressive diseases which have no cure; but are desperately sought after; what a horrible thing to do.

I am amazed too that Dermot O’Connor claims that at his diagnosis, he was informed he would be in a wheelchair by the end of the year.

I wish that it would be possible to get such a prognosis; on my visits to the neurologists I asked each time if they could tell me what to expect to occur as the next progression.

Neither neurologist would ever give a prognosis; very frustrating, especially as one is a leading world expert in MS, even he can’t say because of the type of disease it is, the prognosis of MS is just to difficult to predict.

People like Dermot O’Connor are always there ready to take advantage of peoples vulnerabilities, and making them, and keeping them, dependent.

Seems to me, to be just like the ‘drug dealers’, the pharmaceutical companies, who like to keep their customers for life.

Once on a drug it’s not easy to stop, while I wish there was a drug that could help me.

I am also glad I am not having to use IV drugs with nasty side effects and no visible benefits, but too scared to stop in case it gets worse.

What I despise is how they are all preying on vulnerable people.

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