Monday, August 13, 2012

A Brilliant Visit.

Keith Wigdor
15.10 this afternoon Angela left after being here for four lovely days, it was a wonderful visit.

Delightful to have her here with us, I love her sarcastic dry humour and the fact huge boost as well as Richie.

Brilliant for us to have had such a good friend like Angela staying with us, and we were not the only ones who enjoyed her visit.

The dogs liked her a lot, Marleen remembered her from 2008 and Tina was delighted to meet as was Cyril will immediately fell in love with Angela.

Since she left the dogs have been extremely quiet, luckily this time they don't seem to hold us personally responsible for Angela leaving.

Today's post is going to be short so that I can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere with Richie that this visit has created and talk and laugh some more.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

It was so nice to hear of your visit. Have a great week! Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

Hi - Just to say, if that is OK - well it will have to be! that I had a fantastic and relaxing time visiting my very dear and bestist friend Herrad and the lovely and wonderful Richie and the smelly little dogs (x x x - one kiss each for them). Herrad, for me has not changed on bit, still fantastic sense of humour that keeps me laughing and great to talk over old and new times together. Love her to pieces, great friend to me and well what more can I say LOVE YOU ALWAYS, you old tart! just like that dog Tina. Anyway great to visit old friends probably even beter than having them to stay as no cooking involved!!

Anonymous said...

Hi - Ok I am clearly an idiot as just tried to comment and failed I think to get it to post so I try again and cross my fingers. Just want to say that Visting a good friend, in fact the best friend ever is also wonderful. I had a very relaxing time and really enjoyed talking and laughing with Herrad and Richie. Herrad had not changed one bit in 20 years as far as I am concerned still keeps me laughing and makes me feel unusually relaxed. Thanks for a fabulous stay give those dogs a good kicking for me (not my love Cyrial!!) and Richie thanks for all the great food and wit, not to mention to new musical instruments to play with. LOVE YOU VERY VERY MUCH YOU ALWAYS. Now I will go back to being rude about you. X X X X X

Gareth said...

Just caught up with ya blog, wonderful to read about Angeles visit and that you had a FAB time catching up. All ok here, time going fast sdo before you know it we will be ringing ya BELL :) BIG LOVE TO ALL GXXX

sent again as not sure it was sent:)Must get to opticians