Wednesday, August 29, 2012

More Waiting.

Roberto Matta.

This morning was different it started earlier, Richie woke me up at 08. 00 because I wanted to be ready well before the Seetech appointment at 11.00.

First of all he massaged my shoulders, then my arms before starting doing exercises to relax my tight muscles.

After that I did more arm exercises, as I can't hold on at all with my right hand and now my left hand is also losing its functionality so I use wrist supports.

Peter, who works for the rehabilitation clinic made the supports, they go around my wrist, they held on by Velcro, they have a hook.

This is attached to the handle over my bed and I can do my stretching exercises then Richie places two handles higher and I do more exercises.

While I do those, Richie is doing my leg exercises, lifting, stretching and then massaging both legs.

After brushing my teeth, taking my baclofen tablets Richie got me out of bed and into the shower.

It felt good to be in the shower so early in the morning, I think this will be our new routine, so we can get the most of the day now summer is coming to an end.

Everything went really well and I was back in bed by 10.00 well before the appointment at 11.00.

At 11.22 Rini, the man from RTD Het Dorp finally arrived, he showed us how the Seetech computer worked.

Disappointingly there was no English dictionary installed, and they had got the wrong German application, not a dictionary, there was also no e-mail program and no Word installed.

When I heard this my first reaction was to say please take it back and first install the English, German dictionaries then it will be useful for me.

If possible also install an e-mail program as well as Word, I was told that Word would not be supplied as the health insurance think WordPad is sufficient.

But if I wanted Word I would have to buy myself Windows Office and if I did, it comes with an e-mail program.

However I was eventually persuaded to keep the Seetech computer here so that I could practice every day and would be ready to use it fully once everything is installed.

Rini promised he would return the incorrect German application and ex-change it for a German dictionary, he would also retrieve the English dictionary.

Next week he will let me know when he has got both applications and then he will make an appointment for the week after.

So in two weeks time I should have a Seetech computer setup for me, which it is not at the moment, once again I have to be patient and wait.

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