Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Positive news.

Roberto Matta                                           .  

Last night I slept very well which surprised me as I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain and discomfort as well as extra spasms late last night.

This morning I slept until 09.30 then I woke up abruptly because of the pain I was having due to lying badly in bed.

Richie soon corrected my position t his improved how I was feeling, some THC vapour made me feel much better.

Doing my arm exercises with Richie’s help relieved the tension in my arms and once Richie had done my leg exercises I felt even better.

A shower, clean clothes and a spray of gorgeous Lolita Lempicka  perfume as well as a pair of purple earrings soon lifted my spirits and I was ready to see our friend Anne.

It was a most pleasant visit, she is such a nice woman, always a pleasure to see her and hear her news.

The visit was over much too quickly but while it lasted it was good, yesterday afternoon I had a visit from another lovely woman friend, Cecile.

Always good to see her too, if I could I would see a lot more of both of them and they are both such good friends who it is good to see frequently.

This afternoon I called Dagma, our general practitioner, I needed to ask her some questions.

One of them was whether Mathilde my physiotherapist still needed to wear gloves during our physio sessions.

Dagma said this was no longer necessary, it had only been important to do while we were using the lotion.

She also told me that the antibiotics were having a good effect on Richie, as the results from the last swabs indicated that there were less living bacteria.

Our doctor is very optimistic that the antibiotics are working which means that Richie will soon be free of nasty bacteria.

The news is very good and has given us both a boost which we needed. It is always good to hear positive news.


Webster said...

Hi Herrad,
I am glad that things seem to be going well your way. Also, good to hear that Ritchie's hand is getting better. And visitors! What's not to like about that?

Now let's hope that the Council gets its hair out of its ass and quickly approves payment for the A/C. It would be such a shame on them to delay it any longer. If this Summer was anything like last Summer's weather ... well, we'll not even think about that.

Be well, be happy.

Herrad said...

Hello Webster,
it is brilliant that Richie's hand is getting better.
And you're right visitors are great, I wish we had more.
It would be brilliant if the council word to approve the payment for the air conditioning.
I really hope they won't drag this out even more. They've done very well so far they have been prevaricating since they knew I'd won the appeal on 16 May.
love, Herrad