Thursday, August 23, 2012

Optimistic for Change.

 Roberto Matta.
It is not easy tor me to use the Dragon voice recognition, because the dogs are delighted at the prospect of going to the Park to play.

Finally just before they went, Richie managed to get me sitting in a good position which I can maintain.

That is a relief because he could not achieve this up to now, every time we thought it was good, I immediately started slumping over to the left once again.

It is wonderful to be sitting comfortably, so that I can write today's post for my blog, much better than when I was sitting badly.

When that happens it is not easy to write or looking for art work on the Internet, post my blog, check my e-mail or doing anything else on my laptop.

As I am a stubborn woman I do carry on regardless but it is difficult as well as frustrating and it takes much longer to do anything.

Having Angela here recently was really lovely, Richie loved having her stay with us as did I, and her visit did us all good.

Since then we've seen only Matilda, my physiotherapist and Milou the wound nurse from the rehabilitation clinic.

Richie and I love each other's company and have always got plenty to discuss, talk about as well as laugh at.

Seeing other people more often would be wonderful, but it seems that is not realistic these days.

Not when so many people we have known here in Amsterdam have moved away, not just to other parts of the Netherlands but also other countries.

That's life I guess, people tend to move around and these days often it's not choice but it’s a necessity because of work.

It is a shame that capitalism is the system that is used, because it means that the only purpose of our lives is to work to keep this system in place.

Under capitalism nobody can really live in the way they want to because everything has to do with making money, that is the abiding rationale of this system.

Not humanity, we can't be that people we want to be, because we have to serve this system at all costs.

We all need so much more I think, we need to spend more time with our families and friends doing things together for our communities.

I hoped for change in my lifetime but sadly that does not seem to be happening yet, although there are signs that things are changing.

I am optimistic that people will opt for a better more people and not profit orientated society which allows everyone to flourish.

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Gareth said...

HI folks popping by to catch up, nice to read wound slowly healing, not so nice about your arms But as allways wonderfull to read and feel your zest to enjoy the momment. So looking forward to seeing you all. Any goodies requested just let me know HUGE LOVE@HUGS GXXX