Wednesday, August 08, 2012

More Enjoyment.

Roberto Matta.

Again yesterday it was most enjoyable to watch sporting events at the Olympic Stadium.

Once again the running was exciting, I watched so many events, that I could not memorise all the names of the runners.

Watching the very last race that Victoria Pendleton would ever do at the Olympics, was sad because she is such a tremendous cyclist.

All her supporters were hoping she would beat her biggest rival, the Australian Anna Meurs; she did seem to be winning, but on the last stretch the Aussie cyclist overtook her and won the gold medal.

However Chris Hoy won his race in fine style winning his 6th Olympic gold medal and making him the best cyclist of all time.

Steve Redgrave who had won 5 Olympic gold medals for rowing was the first person to come and congratulate Chris Hoy.

I also watched the men's high jump, as it had been raining the floor was slippery and there was a high wind so many competitors knocked the bar over.

There was a very impressive Russian competitor Yukhov, who at first glance seemed too disorganised.

Just before it was his turn to jump, he could not find his numbered competitors shirt which he had with him when he arrived in the arena.

After a bit of fumbling about finally he found another shirt to which his number was pinned, then he produced the best jump in that competition.

It was an amazing performance which I enjoyed watching, just as I enjoyed all the other events yesterday.

I still do not like the Olympic Games and the multinational sponsors who it seems have not allowed anyone else to make any money from the event.

So once again the trickle-down theory, which postulates that money, will circulate from the rich down to the poorer people in society has not worked.

England just like the other countries, who have hosted the Olympic Games, once it is over, will discover that they have a deficit while the Olympic committee are in profit.


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Webster said...

I saw that jumper too; he looked so disorganised... too much partying the night before???

Sad to say, that seems to be the way of the world. It's a good thing there are bright spirits in it (like YOURS and MINE*ahem*) to offset all that greed and nastiness.