Thursday, August 09, 2012

Fun With A Good Friend..

Roberto Matta
Today is a very exciting day, a very good friend Angela will be arriving at around 17.00 this afternoon.

Richie is also looking forward very much to see in her, as I am too, can't believe 18.00 and not too long after she would be back in Devon, England.

However I'm not really think about that, instead I shall concentrate on this afternoon.

My plan is to write my posts every day, maybe not as much as I normally write, I will be wanting to write about how the visit is going with our lovely friend Angela.

Richie is cleaning and making our apartment look lovely for our visitor’s arrival later this afternoon.

It will be amusing to see how the dogs react to Angela; I am sure it will go very well especially because she has had dogs herself and knows how to handle them.

Well I've just had a lovely physiotherapy session with my delightful physiotherapist Mathilde, now I am feeling relaxed and looking forward to having some fun with Richie and our good friend Angela.

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Have Myelin? said...

Have a wonderful time!!! =)