Thursday, August 16, 2012

Living For Today.

Robertbo Matta.
Yesterday was a horrible afternoon for both Richie as well as myself, I'm glad I don't feel more, otherwise it would have been very uncomfortable for me.

Luckily it had a good conclusion, however it has made us both extremely apprehensive about the next catheter change in one months time.

For the moment I'm trying to put it of my mind, which only seems to work in a limited way.

The weather is getting warmer today and according to Matilda, my physiotherapist it will be 30° over the weekend.

What is amazing is the fact that it's already 16th of August and I'm still in bed patiently waiting for this old pressure wound scar to finally heal.

We've been waiting now since 23rd of February for it to be healed up, so far it looks good, sadly without the kind of progress that we want.

It is really difficult for me to remain patient, positive and optimistic, I do my best, but I am finding that this new long period in bed is getting me down.

Not surprising I guess, I would have to be superhuman to cope with this incarceration in my bedroom for so long.

Hearing Richie tell me that was a spot of blood in my leggings on 23 February was a horrible shock.

When he told me he was sure it would be healed in two or three weeks, I just knew it would take longer.

However I did not think it would take this long, I thought I would be out of my bed well before Jaya’s visit on 3rd of May.

When that didn't happen I was optimistic that it would happen before Angela came to visit us on the 9 of August, but that didn't happen either.

Now I've given up hoping that the wound would be healed before visits from friends.

What I need to do is put it right out of my mind and not think about when the wound will heal.

My best plan now is once again concentrate on the here and now and not on what might be, I can only live for today and forget about tomorrow.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

Maybe the doctor who put in the catheter could be consulted? I hope you have a peaceful week. Each loss is profound. Best wishes to you. Love, Mary

Judy said...

I send you a big hug.