Saturday, August 18, 2012

Keeping Cool On A Hot Day.

Carlos Alfonzo, Afraid of Clowns, 1986
Cuban artist, 1950- 1991

Today has been a real hot day; the temperature is well over 30° which has left me feeling dreadful.

Being hoisted out of bed was not easy for Richie as I was extremely floppy due to the heat.

Because it was so hot we did not need any heating in the bathroom, which I usually need to stop me cramping up once I've been showered.

It was so hot today this did not happen which was excellent, Richie solution was to put one radiator on in the front room with towels on it.

After a shower we have noticed it is best for me to have warm towels on me which also helps stop me getting painful spasms and cramps.

The heat caused me to constantly hang on one side or the other in the shower chair, this made Richie’s task more difficult.

Every 5 minutes he had to alter my position, at times it must have looked more like wrestling rather than washing me.

Putting henna in my hair was not a good idea today, as it would have meant me sitting even longer in the shower chair which did not seem a good idea.

Not in this heat and with me sitting so badly, it was unpleasant for me and for Richie.

Getting me dressed was difficult, sadly Richie could not get my favourite sleeveless Trinidad shirt on me, so I'm wearing another favourite.

One good thing is that Richie has got the mobile air-conditioning unit to work well and I'm sitting comfortably in a cool room which is making my life pleasant.

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Gareth said...

Greetings Folks, my friend Lisa with MS also find that hot weather affect her Ms symptoms in a bad way.
Glad the mobile arco providing some relief. Getting all excited about our visit GXXX