Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Distracted Me From My Discomfort.

Roberto Matta

Since, I started watching the BBC TV coverage of the athletics at the Olympic Stadium last Friday it has been very enjoyable.

Yesterday I watched many of the events, such as the uneven bars with Beth Tweddle who gave a magnificent performance which earned her a bronze medal.

Finally Beth got her Olympic medal; she has won three World Championships that up to now she had never succeeded before in winning an Olympic medal.

She narrowly missed getting gold because she stumbled very slightly on her dismount from the uneven bars, the bronze medal was well deserved by Beth.

Yesterday we also watched boxing, and we saw a fine bout between Anthony Ogogo and Stefan Hartel from Germany, which earned Anthony a semi-final place.

Also saw the Irish superstar, Katie Taylor win against Natasha Jonas of Great Britain, in 60 K boxing quarter final.

It was good to see women’s boxing was finally included in the Olympic Games; however gender quickly became irrelevant only talent mattered.

Watching the men's hundred metres was very entertaining, and there was little doubt very soon after the start that Usain Bolt would be the winner.

With Johan Blake coming an extremely close second, I'm sure that Blake will soon be winning many races.

It was brilliant seeing Andy Murray playing again Roger Federer, great to see Andy in control.

 Even better to witness him beating Roger to an Olympic gold medal, just one month after Roger won against him at Wimbledon in June.

Sadly Laura Robson and Andy Murray could not win gold in a doubles match against the top seeds from Belarus.

Excellent seeing Lizzie Armitstead winning a silver medal in the women's road race, the winner was Marianne Vos of the Netherlands.

There were so many excellent events and after a while everything began to become slightly blurred and difficult to remember every detail.

The important thing was that I enjoyed myself tremendously; it certainly took my mind off my discomfort.

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