Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rising To The Challenge.

The Unthinkable, 1957.
Roberto Matta.

Isn't communication wonderful, after talking to Richie this afternoon and telling him about my worries over the Seetech computer I feel better.

When I told him that I was worried that I would not be able to install new software because there was no CD or DVD drive, he told me it could be done via an external hard disk drive.

That is brilliant news knowing that Richie can install my Dragon voice recognition software without any problems.

I'm so glad that it will be possible for me to carry on using the voice recognition software as I enjoy using it very much.

Apart from the Dragon voice recognition software I can also download Microsoft Office which has an e-mail program as well as Word.

Or I can download Open Office for free this is another application similar to Microsoft Office.

My other option is that we have got Office 2003 which I could use and apparently it is possible to download Outlook Express free from the Internet.

So one worry solved, my other one was the fact that there was no microphone or web cam, but Richie reckons it will not be a problem to install an external one.

That is a really good idea; in the meantime I've also sent an e-mail to RTD Het Dorp to ask whether it is possible for them to install a microphone and webcam as well as an extra USB port.

Now I'm feeling 100 times better about the whole thing, I feel very positive and am determined to rise to the challenge of learning how to use Seetech.

According to Richie the Seetech computer is a fine piece of equipment, I want to seize the moment and make the best of it so that I can keep communicating.

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Webster said...

I do like how Ritchie can allay your fears and help you with this technical stuff. You two are quite a pair!!!!!