Monday, August 06, 2012

Harmony And Unity Of Purpose.

Roberto Matta 
It's been great fun watching the various events at the Olympic Stadium, in Stratford East London over the last three days.

The athletics has been exciting, especially the Hepthalon, with my favourite athlete, the wonderful, Jessica Ennis.

The bike events have also been extremely exciting, the individual time trials and the team pursuit plus the sprints have all been excellent.

Another event which has been fascinating to watch were the gymnastics, it was wonderful to see the strength and technique of the competitors.

The floor gymnastics are wonderful to watch, I can't believe how high they can jump from standing to do amazing acrobatics while they are in the air.

Some of the other events that caught my attention were the vault, which they approach at an amazing speed in order to leap on it to perform more amazing acrobatics.

As well as the horse, the rings, the parallel bars and the uneven bars are all well worth watching, especially for the strength and technique of all the competitors.

It has been enjoyable to watch so many great competitors, and to see how friendly and supportive they are with each other.

Really brilliant to see such fierce competition taking place amid such harmony and unity of purpose.

On the news I just heard that the coalition government in England, of the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats has begun to be very strained.

Apparently promises made to the Liberal Democrats to get them to support the Conservatives in forming the present government have been broken.

The coalition partners do not seem to be either in harmony nor do they appear to have a unity of purpose like the Olympic competitors.

Here in the Netherlands the coalition government was forced to resign because of a lack of harmony and unity.

So there will be new elections here in September, maybe England will also have to face new elections; maybe they will also get rid of their opportunistic coalition government.

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