Sunday, August 05, 2012

A Glorious Win By Jessica Ennis

Roberto Matta

Yesterday watching the athletics and other events at the Olympic stadium was very exciting, especially those in which Jessica Ennis was competing.

The Hepthalon is an exciting event, on Friday we watched Ennis and other competitors start by running a hurdle race, then we saw them throw the shot put and compete in the high jump.

On Saturday they had to compete in three more events, the long jump, javelin and run the 800 metres.

The 800 metres was extremely exciting, by this stage Jessica Ennis was already on course to win a gold medal, she was well ahead on points.

Jessica had already won the hurdle race as well is the high jump and the javelin and the long jump.

She didn't even need to be first she had already won, she could have just cruised along but instead she decided to make a race of it to thank the watching crowds for their support.

Then we watched Mo Farah running in the 10,000 metres race, he was wonderful in this event, from the beginning he positioned himself behind the leaders.

Staying there until right near the end when he took the lead and maintained it, thrilling the cheering spectators who were delighted to see him win so magnificently.

The other exciting events were the cycling events, where the GB cycling team won more gold medals.

Victoria Pendleton won another gold medal in the time trial and three other team GB cyclists Jo Rowsel, Laura Trott, Dani King won gold for their excellent team pursuit.

Greg Rutherford won the long jump with a wonderful performance; he jumped 8.31 m beating his closest competitor Australia's Mitchell West who only jumped 8.16 metres.

Ben Ainslie won his fourth gold medal after battling for most of the week against the other competitors in the Finn class sailing regatta.

It was wonderful to see Sophie Hoskins and Kat Copeland’s unexpected win in the women's lightweight skull; they won their first ever gold medal.

It was a very exciting day yesterday; it was wonderful to see all these events, what made it even more special was Jessica Ennis winning her well-deserved gold medal.

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