Friday, August 24, 2012

Observing Life.

Roberto Matta.

Well the brief week of searing summer temperatures of between 30° and 35° seems to come to an end as a thick cloud cover moves back in over Amsterdam.

It's only 19.30 yet it looks and feels much later, I guess we are moving slowly towards longer nights and shorter days.

Sadly the summer we did not really have is coming to an end, when I was mobile I liked time of year very much, especially the lovely sunsets from now until the end of October.

Right now having to be in bed 24/7 everything seems to be blended together, life is something that I observe but that I do not take part in.

Strange to think that especially as I was always very involved wherever I have lived.

It has got so dark already that I have just switched on the lamp next to my bed it is a shame, but that's what happens when it gets to the end of August.

Today is 24th of August, it is Megan’s birthday in beautiful Devon, she is 19 today, how I wish we could have gone there to celebrate with her and her parents Brian and Angela as well as her friends.

Last night because it was very late again I took a sleeping tablet to make sure that I slept well, it was very effective so much so that it to me ages to wake up properly.

I'm going to keep this short today, as I will do the spell check and then I will look for a picture on the Internet and publish, then my intention is to enjoy the evening my darling Richie.

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