Friday, August 17, 2012

Being Positive Helps Me Cope.

Roberto Matta.            
Summer seems to have briefly returned to the Netherlands, during the day today it was very warm, it felt like it was 26° .

The temperature is set to go up to 30° over the weekend, which I'm not looking forward to at all.

Now at the end of the afternoon the wind is getting up and I'm beginning to wonder whether we will be getting the rain storms that England is having.

I'm dreading this weekend and maybe a whole week of temperatures of 30° at least we have the option of using a mobile air-conditioning unit.

If only we had regular windows which we could stand the unit under and dangle the tube out of the window, and the bedroom would be cool.

Because of our floor-to-ceiling windows we can't do this, which means that the unit does not work in an optimal way.

Unless the electric fan is on next to me I do not get all the benefits of having an air-conditioning unit, as I only seem to get hot air not cool air.

That is because the air conditioning unit cannot be placed in the bedroom, so it is in the doorway of the bedroom.

Which means that Richie gets the benefit of cool air, but because I am at the other end of the room I don’t get that and feel warm.

On 31 July at an appointment with Andre, from an air-conditioning company came to see where to install our air-conditioning.

Since 31 July I've not heard another word from Andre so I will be sending him an e-mail asking for an update.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to get a positive response to my e-mail, that would be wonderful and who knows maybe it will happen.

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