Saturday, August 04, 2012

Richie's Love And Care Make My Life Good.

Roberto Matta 

Most of yesterday afternoon, early evening and later in the night I felt quite a lot of painful tension in my arms and shoulders.

While I was awake and had distractions all around me I was not as aware of how painful it really was.

When Richie gave me my last baclofen tablets just before we went to sleep I asked him get me a sleeping tablet, which I use occasionally when I need to.

It worked well, I slept through until 10.24 this morning which was wonderful, I enjoyed this immensely, it was nice to get uninterrupted sleep.

As soon as I became conscious again this morning, I instantly felt a huge amount of discomfort which was caused by the way I was lying in bed.

This happens every night, despite that Richie very carefully positions my body so that I can lie comfortably, when he's finished, he checks whether everything is well adjusted.

Richie gently pulls down my pyjama top on both sides as well as pulling it out under my armpits and down my side, this is to prevent creases under me during the night.

This takes Richie quite a while, when he is is nearly finished, Richie will make sure that my posture is good, that my spine is not crooked and I am well balanced.

In the morning my body is nearly always lying badly with my spine twisted and all my weight on the right side of my body.

It is not surprising that I suddenly am awake in great pain, sometimes I wake up and I don't feel any pain right away, then I often try to carry on sleeping.

Which never works once I'm aware of the pain, the only thing I can do is call for Richie to come and reposition me.

Once he has done that, it means the pain and discomfort will go away immediately.

Sometimes I have to call Richie during the night, because I have woken up in pain, as soon as he has resolved the situation I instantly fall asleep again.

I'm so glad that Richie is here with me, he helps me so wonderfully well, his love and care make my life bearable and he makes its better for me.

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