Wednesday, November 10, 2010

As Much Fun As Possible.

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Did not sleep well last night did too much thinking, about Spike every time I heard him moving around with difficulty.

But also thought about nice things like talking to Richie about our next party, after the party on September 17, he had suggested we have one on the 19 December, our 9 wedding anniversary.

Think it is a great idea, we still have 9 bottles of proseccio from September, plenty enough for December.

Will ask the same people to join us again this time, be good fun for me organising the party, getting everyone to bring something delicious to share.

September was great fun everyone enjoyed themselves enormously; it was nice to have a group of friends here for a change.

Years ago I used to organise a get together of a group of friends every Saturday, everyone brought something to eat and drink and we had a pleasant time together.

Generally I would make a big lasagne or quiches and rely on other people bringing salads, bread and deserts and wine or beer.

When I lived in Reading, England we always had such bring a plate parties, a few of us would also eat together every week, always at a different house so everyone took a turn cooking.  

Additionally I usually had a few friends over for dinner once a week, really missed all of that when I was here first, and so decided to start the ‘tradition’ here.

That was also when I was the chef at a vegetarian café, enjoyed the job very much, loved thinking up the new menus, a new dish of the day, soup and salad daily.

Miss being able to cook these days, it has been a long time since I cooked anything; the last thing was a curry in early 2006 and scrambled eggs in early 2007.

Being disabled has robbed me of so much in the last 5 years, feel that I need to do everything possible to have as much fun as I can while I can.


Anonymous said...

I can really see you as a chef at a veggie cafe. Wonderful position for you.
And there is never any failure of will with try to get the most out of things...and that makes others try a little harder as well. ~Mary

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

The December anniversary party sounds like something fun to look forward to for sure!

Thinking of you always


Kris said...

That party sounds fun! mmmm Prosecco!

Stephany said...

PS--Very terrible news about your beloved Spike. HUGS))))))

Gareth said...

Watcha H, Party sound like a good Idea, So much enjoyed the last one. Shame we wont be able to pop by. Me got everything crossed:) for your appointment tommorow. BIG LOVE@HUGS G@PXXX

Karen said...

Oh yummy...Prosecco, my favorite wine Herrad! I think a party is a splendid idea.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
It was a great job , if only I had the money I would have bought the cafe when the bloke I worked for sold it.
Thanks for your kind comment gave me a big boost.

Hi Stephany,
Looking forward to it very much indeed.
Think of you always too.

Hi Kris,
Think it will be great fun.

Hi Stephany,
Its dreadful that our little dynamic Spike is so wobbly on his legs.

Hi Gareth,
Shame you both cant be here, so wish you could really do.
If we win the lottery you will get two plane tickets.

Hi Karen,
Prosecco is such a cheerful drink my favourite too.

Thanks you 6 lovely friends for coming by wish you could all be here on 19 December.
Good to see your comments.

Muffie said...

Herrad, that party idea sounds great! Even though I fret a great deal ahead of time, when I'm with friends, I feel so much better.

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
I am the same too worry alot then enjoy myself.
Do that always worry too much about everything beforehand.
Thanks for coming by.

Gareth said...

Hey H, you never know I actually bought a lottery ticket. Dam just checked on line did,nt win. O well nevermind:) BIG Gental HUGS to SPike and marleen GXXX

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Girls just wanna have fun! You still do the planning and quality control I am sure! Have a great week!

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Sadly I did not win tonight as there has been no phone calls to tell me that I won the jackpot shame 14 million would have been nice.
Never mind big hugs to you and Paul.
Thanks for coming by again.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
You are right I still do that, thanks for pointing this out to me.
Thanks for coming by.

Have Myelin? said...

Well if I win the lottery I shall come (uninvited, lol) to your party! =)

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Wish you could be here.
Thanks for your visit and comment.
ps see you on 19 December