Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brilliant Gig Last Night At Paradiso.


Druids Bringing In The Mistletoe.

Edward Atkinson Hornel.

We had a brilliant time at The Drive By Truckers gig in Paradiso last night, was so good to be there again.

Enjoyed the drive there in the mobility bus tremendously, was good to drive down streets that I had not seen for two years, since I have been in bed.

Realised once again what a lovely city Amsterdam is, all the lights were on and in the centre the trees were illuminated which is very pretty to see at this time of year..

It has been five years since we went to a concert, so was excellent to be there last night, really enjoyed myself and so did Richie.

It went by so quickly, they played a nice long set from 20.30 to 22.15, then they went away for a few minutes and were back to do an encore at 22.20.

Sadly we had to go then, as the mobility bus had arrived and was waiting for us outside, shame as Richie thought they would play a favourite track.

After managing to get out of the tricky doors, helped by two nice men holding them open we managed the tight and scary turn at the top of the steps and the even tighter turn into the lift.

Once outside we were met by another friendly mobility bus driver who soon got us into the bus and whisked us home.  

Was pretty wonderful to be there, had a huge grin on my face the whole time even when we were back home at 22.45.


Karen said...

Bravo!! I am so happy you enjoyed the concert and had a great time.

Webster said...

How Fantastic that you were able to go; even better that there were no snags! You will have to plan more such outings every month. What fun. Though you can't dance, I bet you were bobbing you head to the music.

THank you to Richie for taking such good care of Herrad. We all understand the energy that must go into it for you. You rock, Richie!

Muffie said...

So glad you had a great time. It's not my type of music, but I'm sure you loved it!! Hope there will be many more of these outings for you.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

So wonderful to hear this. Music and getting out so important.
Carolyn Wonderland is playing somewhere there soon...Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

I love the above artwork.
So happy you had such a wonderful time-hoping for many more such times in your future. ~Mary

Anonymous said...

How impressive ! Concratulations upon this achievement ! Can't even remember when the last time was me being at a Concert, must be decades.
Please have you all a wonderful Friday.

daily athens

Libby said...

yay, herrad & richie! so good for the 2 of you to make sure you go out & have fun!!! BRAVO!

Stephany said...

wow!! that is wonderful!! I love how you got to see the city lights on a drive as well as enjoy live music!

Happy for both of you, glad you had a great time.


Che koala said...

me too re everyone's comments above.

what a thrill, Herrad and Richie - lovely friday reading too

yay you guys
cheers muchly

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
It was brilliant, still enjoying the afterglow from Wednesday night.
They are a great band who play with passion.

Hi Webster,
I and the wheelchair were bobbing along with the music, while head banging is not so easy bobbing about in my wheelchair is and its fun to do.
Richie is brilliant, he had a good time at the gig.

Hi Muff,
We loved it, the atmosphere was excellent, the venue was full of fans of the DBT.

Hi Mary,
You are right music and getting out are very important especially to us.
Can't believe we have not tried to go to a gig before now, guess 2007 was too upset about my ms and how fast it was progressing.
Still that's in the past now so now we have been once e we want to do it again.
Already looking for gigs to go to.
Maybe 18 December to The Jolly Boys, old ska musicians.
Could not find Carolyn Wonderland.

Hi Mary,
Glad you like the art, I believe he is one of The Glasgow Boys, artists group.
It was wonderful going there on Wednesday and refinding abit of ourselves. we went to several every year, if there were good bands, that we liked we would go every month.
Had a good time going to the theatre in 2008 to see a Samuel Becket play, where the main character is buried to her waist and is gradually getting submerged, she remains cheerful and extremely optimistic despite or maybe even because of her situation.
It was wonderful, performed in English my a famous London theatre company with a wonderful Irish actress.
It is a very dark piece yet she had us the audience laughing right up to her being totally covered in debris,sand, stones.
And even then we were not sad.

Hi Robert,
Thanks it was brilliant going to a gig again, I recommend it anytime you can go.
Have a pleasant Friday.

Hi Libby,
It was brilliant best night in ages and we will do it again.

Hi Stephany,
It was wonderful the gig and the trip too, great to be out and about again.

Hi Chekoala,
It was a great thrill and we want to do it again very soon.

Thanks you 9 dear friends for coming by really enjoyed seeing your comments.
Good to share happy news with you.
Have a good weekend.

S.S-O said...

good deal...glad u were able to get out AND had a great time!

Herrad said...

Hi S.S-O,
Thanks for your visit and comment, we had a brilliant time, the best.
Hoping to do it again soon.