Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking Forward To Many Good Moments To Come.

Steel Foundry, Ijmuiden.

Jan Korthals (1916 - 1972)
Amsterdams Impressionist Artist.

It was a huge relief that my eyes were ok again yesterday, it really worried me tremendously.

The only way I could vaguely see my e-mails was to enlarge everything to 18 and then could just decipher my mails.

Had planned to go out yesterday afternoon, after my 10.00 appointment was finished and we had eaten and drank cups of tea, really had wanted to try out being steered by Richie.

We did not get any further than the front room as we were both extremely exhausted after the operation the day before and the visits to the University Animal Clinic.
I am recovering very well from the operation; the wound is very small and healing well.

Luckily I have had no pain and am extremely glad it is all over now, what a relief that it is done now,
Was impressed yesterday that the OLVG Hospital called to see how I was doing and to check that all was going well with my recovery.
Got the extra steering on back of the wheelchair and getting a new steering shortly for me to steer when I can using both of my hands.
It was a good appointment yesterday morning, I will get the new steering to try out for a short time and if it works for me will get that installed.
If it does not work well for me then I will get other systems to try out, so feel reassured that action will be taken when it is needed.
Spike is doing much better; he is cheerful and taking part again which has cheered up Marleen, who obviously missed their interactions.
Spike is moving around better, he has started trotting around a lot more indoors and even running in the park.
His wheelchair will be here tomorrow, we are both looking forward to Spike's wheelchair coming and seeing him run again with it.

I am taking it very easy today, slept right through to 11.30 this morning, obviously needed to catch up with my sleep.

Last night I fell asleep instantly as soon as Richie had turned the light off, think that today the last traces of the anaesthetic has worn off.

Looking forward to many good moments to come.


Ana said...

Hi Herrad,
I'm really happy that you are recovering and Spike is going to have his wheelchair.
Rest now cause you need it.

Karen said...

Good to hear you are recovering well Herrad. Keep resting.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

Happy to hear you are doing well. Have a great week. Thanksgiving tomorrow in the U.S. Love, Mary

Gareth said...

Hi H@R, glad to read your recovering well and your vision is good again. Nice to read that spike will get his chair tomorrow. BIG WARM HUGS from a FReezing Wales GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Ana,
I agree and took it very easy today, which I really needed.

Hi Karen,
Such a relief that I am healing well, resting today has helped..

Hi Mary,
It is excellent that I am doing so well, that has been very reassuring.
Hope you enjoy Thanksgiving.

Hi Gareth,
It is good that I am recovering so well,what a relief my eyes are ok again.
Really looking forward to Spike's wheelchair.

Thanks to you 4 dear friends for coming by and visiting, nice to see your comments.
It is very cold here too, freezing, apparently we will be getting snow here tomorrow.
Has not been as cold here in November since 1996.
Keep warm everyone.
Big hugs.

Webster said...

Hi Herrad, Now that it's in, are you noticing any difference with the SP as opposed to the Foley? Also, did they give you any information about it to take home with you? I'm glad you're rested up from the procedure and all the activity.

Hope Spike takes to his wheelchair quickly. It will be great to see him run around again.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
The big difference is that I am no longer nervous it will pop out like the Foley catheter.
The hospital gave me plenty information which I skimmed before the operation, will look again tomorrow.
Thanks for coming by shame that it can't be here to our apartment.