Friday, November 12, 2010

These, Are Really Happy Days


Valentina Kropivnitskaia.   

(Russian, 1924-2008)

Difficult sitting here knowing that right now Richie is in the Veterinary clinic with Spike, the appointment is at 10.15,I t is now 10.24.

So hope that the clinic has a way of treating him, so afraid they will not be able to treat him, would be great if they could as Spike is having such a hard time.

Not nice when your legs do not work anymore, he has got dramatically worse since Wednesday.

Wednesday was a top day Spike hobbled around at great speed playing with his toys, loved dinner and enjoyed himself tremendously in the park, Richie told me when they came back.

Since yesterday Spike has got worse can hardly stand up, because of that could not use the dog toilet, which is not a good sign.

The sun is starting to shine which is lovely, need something today when I am sitting here and wondering what is happening right now in Utrecht.

The sun did not last long, but was very pretty while it lasted, now it looks like heaps of rain, with the odd flash of sun.

Hope it does not happen until later after Richie and Spike are back from Utrecht, have to try and relax, not think of what is happening with Spike.

A friend Anne is here to visit and distract me from what is happening with Spike and Richie; it was nice to see her.

She brought me a tasty bread roll filled with spicy, fluffy salt fish from Surima, a Suriname sandwich shop; it had exactly the right amount of hot pepper sauce on it, yummy,

At 11.30 Anne had to leave, Cecile got here just before she left, and then Cecile visited with me until Richie arrived home at 15.15.

He had good news, Spike can be helped, seems he has a hernia which must have caused him a lot of pain and stopped his back legs functioning, it also stopped him peeing.

As soon as the doctor inserted the catheter a lot of urine was extracted which according to Richie gave Spike huge relief.

He has a catheter for now, which has to be drained several times a day, and painkiller and anti inflammatory tablets.

The doctor will evaluate the existing MRI and may need another one done next Friday, we will hear on Monday whether it is necessary or not.

Seems likely that Spike will need an operation to sort him out, once the recovery period is over he should be able to run and play again like he enjoys so much.

What great news especially as I was not expected it, it has been a dtressful day waiting to hear.

Now we are both happy, our Spike can be helped, he looks and sounds like Spike once again, these are really happy days              


Karen said...

Yahoo Herrad, I am so so happy to hear that Spike will be okay. Happy days indeed.

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
It is brilliant news , the best news for a long time.
Thanks for coming by and sharing.

Webster said...

That is good news. Gee, now you and Spike have something in common! A catheter!!

Oh, I am just teasing, Herrad. It's really good news that Spike just has a hernia; it should be a simple operation.

Have a nice day.

Herrad said...

Hi Webster,
It's brilliant, the regular vet thought it was a neuro problem but it is not, ot can be cured.
I and Richie are so happy.
Thanks for coming by.

Stephany said...

YAY for Spike! that must have been high anxiety waiting and wondering what was happening.


Stan said...

I'm so glad to hear Spike is getting good care, the love, and reprieve he deserves.

Now a word of caution: do not get your catheters mixed up or this might signal the dog days of autumn for you...or I could just be barking or peeing up/on the wrong tree here...

Anywho, another wonderful blessing counted as our glorious lives move forth..

Thank you for sharing the joy of these Happy Days with us my friend.

Anonymous said...

Spike is family, and I can just imagine the fright before knowing for sure. Wonderful news.~Mary

Gareth said...

Watcha H@R wow fantastic news all round. So glad to read the Hospital visit went ok and that Spikey Boy will all being well be back to his old self soon. Now you can relax a bit and Am I right in thinking its the Drive by Truckers next week:)
Have a pleasent weekend

Herrad said...

Hi Stephany,
It was a long day waiting from 07.45 to 15.15 seemed longer than it was.
Great that Spike can be treated, it is the best news.

Hi Stan,
Thanks for your lovely comment, good Spike can get treatment and will be around for abit longer, we are very happy about that.
Thanks for being there to share.

Hi Mary,
You are right Spike is part of the family, was scary until Richie phoned to say they had left the clinic and were on their home and he had good news, he also said Spike was already feeling better.

Thanks you three dear friends for coming by, it has been a stressful day waiting for Richie to bring Spike home.
He had been in such a bad way yesterday and this morning that I was so scared he might not be coming back but luckily that did not happen, just me getting too worried.
So happy that there is a solution for Spike's problems and we do not have to say goodbye to the sweet little fellow.
Have a good weekend.

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
It is brilliant news better than I could have hoped for, especially after our regular vet and the orthopedic vet both thought it was a neurological problem which generally have no treatment.
So glad the specialist, a professor of animal medicine, and a neurologist gave her diagnosis.
The hospital appointment went well which was a relief for us both also that Stadsmobiel went successfully.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Mr. Siena said...

Oh Herrad, I am so happy that Spike can be helped and be free of pain soon! Poor thing, he's a fighter though. I will have my cat Martin say a prayer for him. I will as well of course. Have a lovely weekend!

Herrad said...

Hi Mr. Siena,
Isn't it great Spike has a problem the vetinary clinic can treat.
We are so happy and so is Spike, brilliant that soon he will be well again.
Thanks for coming by, appreciate your visit and comment.
Good to meet you and Martin.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Herrad said...

Hi Mr. Siena,
Wow! what a surprise to find its you Kris.