Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday's Sad News.

Yesterday I was at hospital again, just to have my blood pressure taken, shame they could not have done this last Thursday.

As the whole day was dominated by getting the mobility bus there then having to wait for a quick visit while a nice woman measured my blood pressure.

Which was fine as I thought it would be, and then 45 minutes wait for the bus home pretty tired afterwards and worrying about Spike's MRI today.

Have had two friends here today, Anne and Anja good to have good friends like them to come round and organise food and drink for me.

Just had bad news from Richie at 16 pm, the MRI has shown that it’s not a hernia but a tumour on Spike's spine.

So I guess we have a very difficult decision to make next week and Richie will have to take our wee darling to the vet for the last time.

Very difficult decisions but ones we have to make, it’s the duty of good care we promised our little friends.

These are difficult decisions for us to make and they all depend on the quality of life for our little darling Spike.

That is the important question and the only one that is valid. I guess and not what we want.

As what we want is Spike fit and well, running around happily and always there by my bed or wheelchair looking at me and wanting a game.

Crying now, finally only took three hours since Richie phoned at 16.00, and to add to the misery he is stuck in Utrecht because there has been a fire on a train so there are no trains tonight.

He has been promised a lift by another passenger whose wife is driving to pick him up so he will be home sometime just very late, my poor darling and poor Spike.

It is 19.00 now hope my darlings are back soon.

They were back at 20.00, what a relief.


Karen said...

I am so sorry Herrad and Richie. Our pets are family members, and this is a very difficult and heartbreaking situation.

catlover1968 said...

I'm so sorry about Spike. Pets are family members too, I will admit I love them more than some of my relatives,;-0. For Tim & I, we knew years ago we didn't want kids to begin with, which was a blessing given my MS & his Juvenile Diabetes. So throughout our 23 years of marriage we have had a "fur family", it is so emotional & sad when any of them are sick, even worse if we know we have to let them go if their quality of life is compromised due to illness or age. I know you will do what's right & out of love for Spike. I hope you & Richie will be able to have a meaningful weekend enjoying every moment that you can with Spike & taking care of your health also.
I'm thinking of you, hugs,
much love,

Gareth said...

Hey Folks, I,m so sorry to hear about Spikey. Thinking of you ALL lots of STRENGTH @ HUGS GXXX

Stephany said...

Hugs to all of you, I'm sorry about Spike.....

Muffie said...

Oh, Herrad, I'm so sorry to hear about poor little Spike. It's just heartbreaking, and I know how upsetting this is for you. You'll all be in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

oh !

Prayers and thoughts of you.

Amelia said...

Oh Herrad & Richie,
We are so so sorry to hear your sad news about Spike. I have always had animals in my life & it is so heartbreaking to say goodbye when they leave us, whether we have to make the decision or whether it is taken out of our hands.
We are thinking of you all & sending much love,
Amelia, Martin, Barnaby & Kit Kat

Libby said...

oh herrad, this hurts so flippin bad! i'm so sorry! there's one good thing you alwaya have to remember, though...spike couldnt have had better people to guve him the great heppy life he's had with you! [hugs] to all of you!!

kmilyun said...

Herrad and Ritchie,

I am so, so, sorry - doing what is best for our fur family members is so hard sometimes.

Spike is loved and knows it -

So lucky our furr friends are that we allow them the dignity and too suffer no more.

Will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers

Jan (kmilyun), Catfish, Annie, and KRP

soulsoprano said...


I am crying with you to hear the news of dear Spike, especially sad since we all thought it was going to be a much happier outcome. You and Richie are fabulous pet parents, always trying to do what is best for both of your doggies, even with all of the other earthly challenges you both face. Be assured Spike knows you love him, and when the time comes to say goodbye, I am sure he will know you are still loving him by helping him be shed of his suffering. I have four darling cats, and two of them are beginning to get up in age, and I dread the day when I will have to say goodbye to them, but that is the circle of life, and we accept it, and hopefully move on. Please know I am thinking about you both and Spike and Marleen too, and praying for all of you to find the peace that passes all understanding as you go through this difficult time.

All my love,

Kristen (SoulSoprano) <3

steve said...

Ouch. Give Spike a cuddle for me, and have him give you one for me, too.

Anonymous said...

The quality of life is paramount in this situation, but I am so sorry that all of you have to endure this. ~Mary

ADB said...

I am very sorry to hear about the bad news for Spike. A pet is so much a member of the family, that its (imminent) demise hurts quite as much as if a human family member were in that position.

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
You are fright It is heartbreaking news, we had hoped it was a hernia which could be cured by an operation.

Hi Meg,
You are right our pets are very much part of the family, Spike has been brighter today and standing up much more.
Richie will discuss Spike´s condition with the vet, as the professor at the university animal clinic reckoned he could enjoy life for awhile longer.

Hi Gareth,
Bloody dreadful news about Spike, heartbreaking.

Hi Stephany,
Hugs to you too, Spike is cheerful and more mobile today.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Hi Amelia,
It is heartbreaking glad we still have time with Spike, so we can enjoy his company.
Before we have to make that decision.

Hi Libby,
You are right it hurts bad, thanks for reminding me that Spike has had a good life when we rehomed him in 2002 when he was just 7 months old.

Hi Jan,
You are right it is difficult but so important to look out for our little friends and not let them suffer.

Hi Kirsten,
We were shattered by the news yesterday and apparently the professor had tears in her eyes when she told Richie the result of the MRI.Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Hi Steve,
You are right it is really ouch!
Spike has been well cuddled today.

Hi Mary,
It is awful, seems one thing after another this year, too much for poor Spike.
We intend to improve his quality of life so he can enjoy himself while he still can.

Yu are right a pet is very much part of the family and the idea that he has an incurable disease is awful.

Thanks everyone for coming by, appreciate your comments.
We intend to up Spike´s quality of life by getting him a dog wheelchair so he can run around again.
We just need to monitor him so that we take immediate action
when life becomes unbearable for our Spike.
Have a pleasant weekend.

Amrita said...

Dear Herrad hearing about Spike is making me cry. I can 't bear to think o f pets in pain...or hurtung.

In the past 7 years I have bid 5 close family memers goodbye for the last time and one pet too. The trauma of death is too much to bear.

A few days ago i saw a poor dead dog lying in the street , it just tore me up.

Poor Spike I am so sorry.

You are so kind to hire a wheel chair for him, to give him comfort.

Herrad said...

Hi Amrita,

Thanks for your caring sweet words.Really appreciate them very much.