Monday, November 08, 2010

Take My Inspiration From Our Dogs.

The Temptation by Danny Sillada.

Yesterday I took a 2 mg diazepam 30 minutes before Richie transferred me to the wheelchair from the shower chair.

After organising my posture and making the necessary adjustments, Richie sprayed me with perfume and put in my choice of earrings.

Then I tried to hold the joystick and turn the wheelchair around and leave the room, and it worked.

Was a most glorious feeling to feel myself steering the wheelchair with no problems into the front room.

Happy days indeed, felt very good about that, very good indeed, so today will try without the diazepam and see what that is like.

If it is too difficult then I may have to take 2 mg of diazepam to facilitate my steering, certainly will take it this Thursday, for the hospital appointment, when I have to get into the lift and down to the mobility bus and into the bus.

Also on the 17 th to the Drive by Truckers gig, I sent them a mail telling them I would be at their concert and my worries that being in a wheelchair I might not see them well.

Got a lovely response from Jenn, the bass player, who gave me the name of their tour manager and sound man, for in case we needed assistance at the gig to see them properly.

Really nice of her to respond am very much looking forward to the gig next week Wednesday, the one bus trip I am looking forward to 100%.

The one good thing that is happening, after the sadness of Richie’s father dying weekend before last.

Sadly Spike’s condition is getting worse, we hope the clinic in Utrecht can help if not we will have to make a difficult decision; just thinking about it has made us both cry alot today.

We can’t leave our little chum to deteriorate, especially if there is no prospect of a recovery and only of him getting worse and being in pain.

So we will have to let the vet put our little friend to sleep, that will be very difficult for us both and for Marleen too who will miss her little pack mate.

Will miss him so much, he is such a lovely little fellow, he has been such a lovely playmate, and m ‘big’ protector, our Spike.

Also the progression of my MS is not good news right now and it is a cold and grey November day too.

For now we are going to stay hopeful and optimistic and enjoy Spike’s company and face up to whatever needs facing when it actually happens.

Going to take my inspiration from our dogs and live for the moment, the here and now.


JC said...

What can I say except you have the right idea. Moments are what we remember.

Herrad said...

Hi JC,
You are right about remembering moments, guess thats all we have memories of beautiful moments.
Have lots of Spike, hope for a few more too.
Can't stop crying right now but know this will pass just difficult writing about Spike and staying dry eyed alwas difficult for me anyway.

Enjoying the Ride said...


You are so right that we can learn from our dogs. Here's a list I found- 10 reasons dogs are better than people:

10. Dogs love it when your friends come over.

9. The later you are, the more excited a dog is to see you.

8. Dogs will forgive you for playing with other dogs.

7. Anyone can get a good looking dog.

6. Dogs don't care if you haven't taken a shower in days.

5. Dogs never need to examine the relationship.

4. Dogs think every meal you cook is just perfect.

3. Dogs don't keep wearing your favorite clothes on the nights you need them.

2. Dogs don't want to know about every other dog you've had.

and last but not least...

1. Dogs even find you amusing when you're drunk!

Anonymous said...

And I shall take my inspiration from you.... ~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Mjitch,
Excellent lis,t thanks for the smile and your visit.

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your visit and kind comment.

Thanks to both you dear friends for coming by.

Anonymous said...

Dogs are said to be the sixth sense.

A good Tuesday for you all.

Karen said...

Oh Herrad, I am so sorry about Ritchie's dad, and Spike...
I have no words of wisdom, but I am sending you a big hug.
Take care,

Webster said...

Hi Herrad, Sorry to hear about Spike. But I'm glad that you found that such a tiny amount of diazepam is helping you steer your chair. Also good to hear that you will be going to hear the Drive By Truckers. Is this the same group that you missed last November?

Kris said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Spike Herrad. I hope he gets well...

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Think you are right they have very good instincts and live in the moment.

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your hug really needed that, sometimes words are just not enough.

Hi Webster,
We are very upset Spike is so wobbly on his legs, luckily he is very cheerful and playful.
We were going to see Peter and The Test Tube Babies last November.

Hi Kris,
We hope the animal clinic can help us on Friday and get Spike better so he can enjoy life fully again.

Thanks you 4 dear friends for coming by, very good to see your comments.

Have Myelin? said...

I'm sorry about Spike. My golden retriever Quill was 10 years old when I made the decision. He died a month to the day after my daughter.

I miss him, you know?

So I understand and again, I'm sorry.

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
Thanks for your comment, hard decision to make but one you have to be prepared to make if your dog is in pain.
So hope the animal clinic can help Spike, afraid they won't be able to.
I am sure you miss your lovely friend Quill, friend for ten years, we have had the pleasure of Spike's company for 8 happy years.