Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wheelchair For Spike.

I am feeling very tired today after the emotional day yesterday, it was such a long day because the control centre at Utrecht, caught fire.

Up to now there are still no trains, they hope to be back in business at 02.00 Sunday morning.

After installing computers and software, what huge good luck Richie had sitting near the man whose partner was driving from Amsterdam to get him.

 And for getting a lift to the end of the street next to our street, all because the man noticed Richie helping a disabled woman get into the train.

Now I am trying to get a dog wheelchair for Spike, just as the professor at the clinic suggested, she thought it would be good to give him a good time while he is here.

He is in no pain, he even managed to run into the front room when he heard Marleen squeak a toy and he is now chewing and defending his dog chew.

He is such a sweet dog, and it is lovely to see him still enjoying himself, have contacted three dog wheelchair places, one where you can hire them which would suit us well.

Love the idea of Spike having a good time while he can, sure he would enjoy it very much indeed.

Be real nice for him to get out to the Amsterdam woods and the parks and to be able to move freely and play with Marleen and us.



Muffie said...

I think that's a wonderful idea for Spike to have a little wheelchair. I've seen them on TV and they look like two wheels attached to a harness around doggies waist. That would be perfect for the little guy. Hope it goes well.

Stephany said...

Spike is lucky to have you both!


Anonymous said...

I hope it works out this way for Spike, for all of you. ~Mary

kmilyun said...

We have a fiend that got one of the doggie wheelchairs for he dog. He was a Corgi and his long back became injured when he was young.

At first he was a little wobbly and adjustments to the device had to be figured out.

They went on walks and camping trips together for years.

Hope this works for Spike!


Webster said...

This is a great idea. It sounds like it would work for Spike. Once he adjusts he could go out running with Marlene again. You two are the greatest doggy parents.

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
Found a couple secondhand ones local hope to hear from them very soon.

Hi Stephany,
We are lucky he is here with us.

Hi Mary,
Thanks I hope so too.

Hi Jan,
We hope so too.

Hi Webster,
I too think it is a great idea,

Thanks all you dear friends for coming by good to see your comments.
Spike much better today walking about playing and demanding
attention and biscuits.
Hope to get a wheelchair in a day or two.

Karen said...

Hi Herrad,
What a fantastic idea for Spike! I hope you find a wc very soon.

Anonymous said...

What a great solution!!

I am sorry to hear about Spike's news, but glad to hear about the wheelchair.

Here's hoping you get one soon for him.


PS Baby is still hanging in there. Back to the vet on Wednesday at noon. will let you know Thursday what happened.


Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
Hope we get one this week, will do my best as soon as I recover from the op.

Hi Anne,
We think a wheelchair will be brilliant for Spike.
Hope Wednesday goes well for Baby.

Thanks you two dear friends for coming by really appreciate seeing your comments.
Have a good week.