Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Support And Encouragement From Richie And Friends..


Aelbert Cuyp.

Grey sky today looks like full of the promise of a lot of snow, usually snow melts very quickly here, as we are surrounded by water and close to the sea.

Usually that is, seems this year could be very different as the small snowfall from Saturday is still on the ground today.

Also heard from Sue, a friend in Devon, that Westward Ho! this is right by the sea, always mild and damp, but is all iced up now; wonder if this winter will be very cold.

Here it is November 30 nearly December, how quickly time goes by once it is October.

Have enjoyed the change of the seasons much more this year than in recent years; think this year because I am sitting which I do enjoy so much.

Also think that this year I am more aware of the passing of time and the fact that I am very lucky to still be here, very happy that I am alive despite my many problems.

Been having quite some problems with my arms, hands and fingers, hate it all and who wouldn’t but somehow it makes me more determined to carry on writing.

Intend to carry on being me whatever happens, everything is so painful and clumsy, but what's new.

So I intend to keep going with the love and support of my darling Richie and the support and encouragement of friends which I very much appreciate.

Great to get so much support and from all around the world, it really gives me such a boost.

The support and encouragement helps me tremendously, although I still experience all the pain, discomfort it helps me to know so many friends are thinking of me and wishing me well.


janis said...

Hello Herrad~ It's a bit glooming here today too. Almost 10 am and at least it stopped raining. I am determined to get our home decorated for Christmas. My Hubby just left for a 4 day business trip & my daughters are off @ college. So, just me, the dogs, & cats. Maybe I can get the cats to help :)
Have a Blessed day♥

JC said...

I'm having my morning coffee in my Eeyore cup. The snow we had has melted and it's now a spitty yucky rain. Got a few of our holiday lights up though so that makes it bright in this darkness. (day light savings made it dark in the morning and dark by 4:30 pm)

I do hope you feel a bit better today. I thought of you the last couple of days. Been busy with 'things' but you my dear are always somewhere in my thoughts.

xo xo xo xo xo xo xo xo

Karen said...

Hi Herrad,

It's been mild in my part of Canada, but we are expecting our first snowfall overnight. I love snow at Christmastime!

I hope you have a good day.

Anonymous said...

You are a lovely woman, Herrad.
Very easy to offer support to you...~Mary

Muffie said...

Hi, Herrad,
Love reading your blog and comparing weather. It was 65 degrees F. today "(I'm not good at translating to C.)-- much too warm for Nov. We'll get back to more seasonal weather in a few days. Just flurries so far this year -- no real snow. Last year we had a lot.
Enjoy your day, which is now actually your night.

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your visit hope that despite the weather you have had a good day starting to get your house decorated.

Hi JC,
Thanks for your visit and thinking of me that is a great comfort for me.

Hi Karen,
Agree with you that snow at Christmas is brilliant , my ideal is for it to snow on the Winter Solstice 20/21 December until Christmas day.

Hi Mary,
Really wanted to hug you as soon as I read your comment, thanks my friend.

Thanks to you 4 dear friends for your visits and comments which have given me a huge boost.
Really appreciate your friendship and support.

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
Thanks for your visit, good to see your comment, I did enjoy my day hope you did too.

Anonymous said...

Rare things search for something alike.

Herrad said...

Hi Robert,
Thanks for you visit and comment, when I started my blog in 2006 I never thougbht I would meet so many lovely people and gedt such friendshipand support a rare treasure indeed.

Joan said...

You have my support from afar my friend. Love Joan

Herrad said...

Hi Joan,
Thanks for your visit and support both much appreciated.
Keep warm and safe.