Thursday, November 04, 2010

Better To Stay Cool.

Landscape Near Dresden 1910

Erich Heckel.

Today was not the day I had been expecting, Richie got me up very early and had me showered and dressed and in the wheelchair by 09.10.

The mobility bus phoned at 09.13 that he was on his way; he arrived at 09.25 as Richie was struggling to get my fleece jacket, winter jacket and leg protector/leg bag on, we said we will be downstairs in 5 minutes..

Just as he had done it, the mobility bus drove off at 09.30 and without calling us otherwise I would have said we were just coming down.

Tried to organise another mobility bus but they could only send one at 10.30 which was the time of my appointment.

So it stopped there for today, now I have a new hospital appointment for next week Thursday at 11 am.

We have both been a touch shattered by this morning’s mobility bus drama, hopefully next week I will actually get there.

Feel very tired now and so is Richie, expect it was all the adrenaline for the appointment this morning.

One good thing was that despite the shock and disappointment of this morning I did not get angry and waste any energy on getting upset.

Much better to do what I did which was not let it get to me too much and drain my energy, it was better to keep cool.                    


Muffie said...

So sorry to hear about the bus! Maybe next time, if they're that impatient, and you aren't ready, just finish the coat and all in the bus. So sad that they couldn't wait just another minute or two! Good for you not letting it get to you!

Anonymous said...

With major health concerns some dramas seem inevitable & unstoppable, but I think this was just rude carelessness/cruelty on their part.
I am so very sorry.
I would like to see the driver of the bus organize all that any more quickly than you & Richie can.

Gareth said...

HI Folks, was so gob smacked to read on Richies FB about what had happened and now reading How you seen past a awfull event and to just focus on the here and now is a Fantastic way of dealing with it. A lesson I hope I can carry with me along Lifes Journey BIG UPs to YOU @ LASSINGS OF FLUFFY LOVE GXXX

Travelogue for the Universe said...

I am sorry you have to endure these uncaring people.
Best wishes.
Love, Mary

janis said...


Webster said...

I understand the need to stay in the here and now, put perhaps the energy it takes to stuff that anger and frustration is what has you so tired this evening.

I agree with FrankandMary - the bus driver was just rude to leave without calling again. RUDE.

Karen said...

Gee...I know those buses have a schedule, but you would think they would have at least a ten minute leeway.

Well, I am glad that you didn't get upset Herrad.


Che koala said...

Lovely that they rang to say they were on their way and then so frustrating that they didn't ring again to doublecheck before they drove off - ahhh I would find it terribly frustrating, Herrad.

Kudos to you and Richie for your wonderful tolerance and equanimity.

Herrad said...

Hi Muffie,
They are supposed to come up to the apartment to see if we need help.
Was no point in getting furious.

Hi Mary,
I agree with you it was rude and cruel, especially not phoning us to let us know.

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for your sweet comment, did not let it get to me too much but what a thing to happen.
Stadsmobiel are terrible and set to get worse with the cuts here.

Hi Janis,
Thanks for the smile, needed that.

Hi Webster,
Think you are right that really did drain my energy yesterday.
And you and Mary are right the driver was rude.

Hi Karen,
They are busy but they always phone, actually he was supposed to come up and see if we needed help.
No point in getting angry would have only upset me.

Hi Chekoala,
You are right why could he not have phoned and double checked.
It was very frustrating and now we have to do it again next Thursday.
Hope we get there then.

Thanks to all you dear people for coming by, needed to see your comments yesterday really gave me a boost.

I faxed a formal complaint, got a reply minutes later that informed me that the driver was right, we were wrong.

The rule is to be ready 15 minutes before the pick up time, asked if I could see the rules.

Rinie Isselman from Stadsmobiel sent link to their website where I would find the rules.

Went there no rules.

Rinie promised to send me the rules, thanked her but said surely the rules should be on the website, did not get any response, nor did I get the promised rules.

Hope we have better luck next week Thursday.