Sunday, November 28, 2010

An Emotional Month.

Barry James,

This month has been very emotional, with Richie’s dad dying on the last Saturday in October, which was very upsetting, especially for my darling Richie.

The only positive was the fact that Tom, Richie’s dad was no longer in pain that was I think a relief for his family.

So glad he came over and spent some time with us in Amsterdam in 2000, he was a very charming and lovely man, a real gentleman.

We took him to lots of places; we ate at the Melkweg restaurant, one of the big music venues which he enjoyed tremendously, being somewhere so hip and in.

We also took him to our favourite coffee shop the Basjoe, in the Nieuwmarkt, the oldest part of town.

A lovely place run by two brothers, James and Leo, who were charmed we had brought Richie’s dad to their coffee shop and greeted him very warmly.

They organised the best spot on heir terrace for us, was pleasant sitting there with Tom, watching the boats go by on the canal and the people walking by.

Shame he could not have stayed longer than he did but it was good to meet him and spend time together.

When he left Richie was up at the bottle bank getting rid of our empty bottles and found himself wondering if his dad had enjoyed himself while he was here.

At the moment he realised he had just thrown away 6 empty Spanish bottle of bubbly and decided that his dad probably had a great time.

It is always a big shock when your parents die; mine died at the beginning of 2000, within 3 weeks of each other.

No wonder I was so happy to meet Tom, he was then 85 the same age as my dad and also very interesting to talk with.

Since Tom’s death Richie has been very worried about Spike not being able to walk and my impending operation.

What an emotional month it has been and no wonder that tears have flowed and sleeping has not been easy.


Travelogue for the Universe said...

My thoughts and prayers are with you, Richie and Spike. Love, Mary

Have Myelin? said...

I am sorry to hear this. I know what it feels like to lose a father...and it is a very strange feeling.

My condolences.

ρομπερτ said...

May you all have a good start into the next month.

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
Thanks for your supportive thoughts for us all, it is appreciated.

Hi Sherry,
Agree it is very strange indeed, especially as you can never hear another story or ask another question.

Hi Robert,
Thanks hoped yours is too.

Thanks for your visits and supportive comments.
It is an odd feeling suddenly you are the adult, a weird feeling, I was 49 that year but until they died felt much younger, its hard to explain, more a feeling than reality.
Hope all of you have a pleasant new week.

Richie said...

It was hard not being able to see him again or be at his funeral but I know he understood our situation. I was very pleased that you two got on so well with each other. He took me to one side one evening (after a bottle of cava) and told me I had done very well for my self and had a truly found a good woman and that he liked you very much. He also pointed out you were quite nice to look at as well!
He cared for my mother when she needed her and I know he was proud that I am looking after you now you need me. I guess he was my role model after all. I was very proud of him.

Stephany said...

sending big hugs, i understand.

Amrita said...

So sorry to hear about Richie 's loss. My deepest condolences.

Hope Spike find s it easie r to move around with his wheelchair. How long will He need it?

Webster said...

Yes, losing your parents is difficult, no matter what age you are. I lost my Dad in 1997 and my Mom in 2000 and I still wish I could call them and just ask the occasional random question only they could answer. I still think about them and miss them both.

Well, it's a new month in a few days and perhaps things will settle down. Spike is adjusting to his new wheelchair and your operation went off without a hitch. Let the holidays begin!

Herrad said...

Hi Richie,
It must have been so hard for you not to be able to see Tom again, really horrible for you.
Glad he visited us I treasure those happy memories.
Tom was a lovely man and so are you.

Hi Stephany,
Thanks for your support and understanding.
Big hug to you too.

Hi Amrita,
Thanks for your support for Richie.
Spike will need the wheelchair for the foreseeable future.
It helps him walk and run around so is very good for him.

Hi Webster,
Agree that it is always difficult losing your parents.
I have he same in that I too have questions only they can answer, happens so often still now that I think of phoning them.
You right, December begins on Wednesday let the holidays begin!

Thanks all you lovely friends for coming by.
Good to see your comments.
Keep warm, it is freezing here.