Monday, November 01, 2010

Grey, Cold First Of November

Here it is November 1, it is a grey day, no sun and no blue sky, and on BBC they were getting excited about the temperature being nearly 15 c.

Wow nearly 15 c that is almost balmy summer weather, well in my dreams it is but here in reality it is a cold and grey dark day.

I said Rabbit, Rabbit as soon as I was awake and conscious because it is the first of the month; something my father taught me when I was about three years old.

Did not realise until Richie told me that it was a remnant of the old religion of worshipping Goddess Oestre.

‘’ Modern-day Easter is derived from two ancient traditions: one Judeo-Christian and the other Pagan. Both Christians and Pagans have celebrated death and resurrection themes following the Spring Equinox for millennia. Most religious historians believe that many elements of the Christian observance of Easter were derived from earlier Pagan celebrations.

The equinox occurs each year on March 20, 21 or 22. Both Neopagans and Christians continue to celebrate religious rituals linked to the equinox. Wiccans and other Neopagans usually hold their celebrations on the day or eve of the equinox. Western Christians celebrate Easter on the Sunday on or after the full moon that follows the nominal date of the Equinox -- MAR-21. The Eastern Orthodox churches follow a different calculation; their Easter celebration is often many weeks after the date selected by the Western churches.’’

When I woke this morning my arms were folded tightly over my chest, took me what seemed to be ages to unfold my arms and get them on top of the duvet.

Noticing that my arms are getting stiffer and less easy to use, feels very heavy and clumsy, hope that keeping up with my exercises will extend the length of time that I can move them. 

It is not easy to steer my chair these days but I do my best and will keep doing my best to stay mobile for as long as possible.

When I can no longer steer the wheelchair then I will get an electric wheelchair Richie can steer, one way or another I intend to be mobile and go outside.


Have Myelin? said...

Just stopped by to say "Rabbit, Rabbit", LOL. =)

Have a good day and YES I agree with your plan to stay mobile!

Webster said...

I always forget to say Rabbit, Rabbit." Always.

What about the Autumnal Equinox - what Judeo-Christian holiday comes around September 20-22?

Keep working with your arms for as long as you can. At this rate you had better put that cape to good use and learn to enjoy the rain!!! Think of it as refreshing and exciting!

zoomdoggies said...

Herrad, if it's difficult to control your chair using a joystick, there are other options. I recently switched to a head array control. It's going to take some tweaking and practice, but it beats settin' home!

Anonymous said...

Just reading...and feeling..but not sure what to type ~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Sherry,
It is a good plan hope it happens soon.
Who knows this time it may happen quickly.

Hi Webster,
I don't know which holiday happens at the autumn equinox but will look it up.

Hi Zoomdoggies,
Tell me all about the head array and how it works, would love to see how it looks.
Am very curious about it.

Hi Mary,
Lovely to see your comment thanks for coming by it is so good to see your name again brilliant made my day.
Take it easy as possible getting back into blog world.

Thanks you 4 dear friends for coming by, lovely of you all to visit me really appreciate your visits and comments.