Monday, November 22, 2010

What A Day.

What a day today has been, horrible being jolted out of sleep this morning by Richie turning the light on at 07.30.

That was so cruel, wished I could curl up like a hedgehog and sleep until next February,
at the earliest.

07.30 was really horrible before I knew it I was being made very wet by Richie showering me, I slowly woke up properly.

Quite quickly I was in the front room blinking, still not totally awake, today the mobility bus came precisely on time, good driver, seen him before a few years ago, he remembered me too which was nice..

We were there, at the hospital,  just before time, the reception checked my hospital cardafter a ew minutes a nurse fetched us.

I was hoisted out of my wheelchair and put onto a bed, there Richie and a nurse took my clothes off and draped one of charming hospital gowns on me.

Do not remember quite how it happened but told the nurse I had drank a fruit shake at 07.00, she went to check with the doctor.

Who had to have a good think about this, drinking was allowed but only water or tea and fruit shake was not good.

There was nearly talk of it having the operation postponed until next week, then at 11.45 they cam e to take me through to surgery.

There was a pleasant group of people who shifted me off the bed onto another and attached blood pressure machine on right arm.

They attached three monitors on chest and this charming nurse chatted to me, on my request after I told her that what she was going to do scared me.

Well, the lovely woman smiled at me and had the infusion needle in the back of my hand before I realised it or even felt much, just a tiny prick, what an expert she was.

Then the anaesthetist hove into sight and I was surprised to hear that they had not hooked me up yet he laughed and said right now, I had to breathe from an oxygen mask did that twice and was gone.

Woke up at 13.00 a nurse came to see me right away and I was given a sip of water and I was on a saline drip.

After awhile a doctor came to see me and asked me my name, birth date, address and type of operation.

Shortly after that my bed was wheeled into a recovery room, where  a pleasant nurse got and fed me two slices of brown bread and butter and ham plus 2 mandarines to follow and many sips of water.

Not too long after, at 14.30 Richie arrived back, shortly after the drip bag was finished and a nurse took the infusion out of my left hand.

Then they dressed me and transferred me with a hoist into my wheelchair, a nurse phoned the mobility bus at 16.00, which arrived 30 minutes later and we were home at 16.45.  

It all went well the most painful was having the infusion taken off the back of my hand, now I feel a small vague something a slightly burny pain.

Not bad at all, the whole thing went better than I ever thought it would go, we are both relaxed and Spike’s walking has improved.

A good but tiring day, glad it is over.



Muffie said...

So happy to hear that everything went well for you. Get some rest now.

Gareth said...

Hi Folks, so glad ya home and the op went ok. Sounds like they were a friendly bunch to. Hope you both have a good sleep and get to have a lie-in tomorrow:)HUGE HUGS to All GXXX

Anonymous said...

Patience and strength for you all.

daily athens

Karen said...

Good to hear things went well. Rest up.

Stephany said...

Hi Herrad,

Glad it's done and you can relax and move forward again. HUGS!!

steve said...

That's so great to hear. Keep it clean, and enjoy having one less daily worry. I'll drop the IV sponges off at the post office tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Herrad:

I am so glad everything turned out ok for your surgery. About the burny sensation in hand, wrap some ice cubes in a washcloth and apply 20 mins on and 20 mins off for 2 hrs....and it will be gone for good.

Glad Spike is faring well too.

We go to the vet tomorrow with Baby.

Get some rest, you deserve it for being such a trooper!


Paul Toghill said...

Big ups Herrad and Richie, glad everything went well, love Paul XXX

Herrad said...

Hi Muff,
Everything went well hope the recovery also goes well and so far it is good.

Hi Gareth,
They were a good team, very friendly, we had to be up early today for the extra steering on the back of the wheelchair but tomorrow no appointments.

Hi Robert,
Thanks for your support.

Hi Karen,
They went very well, will rest up tomorrow.

Hi Stephany,
It is very good it is done, good to move on.

Hi Steve,
It is clean and healing very well, Richie says it looks good.
Thanks for going to the trouble of sending the sponges.

Hi Anne,
The burning feeling was gone by this morning which is good.
Hope the vets visit goes well let me know what happens please.

Hi Paul,
Very glad it went well, as it did which was a relief.

Thanks to you 8 dear friends for coming by and supporting me.
Appreciate your comments very much.

janis said...

Oh Herad~
So glad you are recovering well. You are in my prayers m dear friend. Love to you♥

Herrad said...

Hi Janis,
Thanks for your visit and good wishes, I am recovering very well no pain and very glad it is behind me now.
Think that today I am finally getting all the drugs used out of my system.