Sunday, November 21, 2010

A Quiet Day.

Paysage au bord du Lez, 1870, Minneapoli

Frédéric Bazille
Had a very relaxing and restful day today in an attempt to keep calm and not get too upset about my impending operation tomorrow.

It will take place at 11.30 tomorrow morning; have to be there at 10.30 in the morning so they can get me all ready for surgery.

Hope that the hour will pass by and they put me under real quickly and I come round well without any problems or complications.

Richie will go there with me for 10.30 and as soon as I get taken off by the pre op nurses he will leave and go home again and be with Spike and Marleen.

Then he will come back for 14.00 to see how I am doing and sit with me until I am ready to go home, hopefully at 16.00.

Oh well tomorrow late afternoon I will be back home and it will be all done and dusted, what a relief.

This morning just to remind me why the supra pubic catheter operation was needed my Foley catheter popped out.

Spike has been much brighter since Friday and today he has been walking quite a lot, he even went quietly into the front room and stole Marleen’s chew.

It looked so sweet we just let him get on with it was so cute seeing him sneaking through the bedroom limping back to his bed with his trophy.




Gareth said...

Hi there H@R, thinking of you folks.Can just picture Spikey sneaking off to get the toy:) sending lots of Strength
for tommorow BIG LOVE @ HUGS GXXX

Herrad said...

Hi Gareth,
Thanks for coming by, Spike is in good form even running in the park.I am keeping calm about the op tomorrow.
Love, Herrad

Tracey's Life said...

Hi Herrad

Good thought being sent you way for tomorrow.


Karen said...

All the best to you for tomorrow. You will be in my thoughts and prayers Herrad.


S.S-O said...

hope all goes well tomorrow...will keep u in my thoughts.

Webster said...

And so it begins... the spoiling of the little crippled doggy.

LOL. Now I'm beginning to feel sorry for Marlene.

I hope all goes well with your surgery tomorrow. I'm sure it will, it's a very simple procedure. I will be thinking of you,probably at the wrong hour, but thinking of you nonetheless.

Herrad said...

Hi Tracey,
Thanks for your good thoughts, I was too worried to respond the night before the op.

Hi Karen,
Thanks for your kind thoughts, did not respond the night before because I was so nervous.

Hi S.S-O,
It did go well, thanks for your supportive thoughts.

Hi Webster,
Yep and and we keep doing too very happily too.
Marlene gets spoiled too by the way so no need to worry about her.
You were right it was a simple procedure done by an excellent team.

Thanks to you four dear friends for coming by appreciated your comments very much, sorry that I did not respond last Sunday but was too distracted by worry about the operation the next day,did see your comments and they did me alot of good.