Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Good Day Today.

Soleil couchant à Ivry (Sunset at Ivry.

Armand Gullaumin

 The supra pubic catheter operation went very well, but so very tired afterwards and my eyes did not work well but are thankfully ok again today.

Really thought I was going blind, have heard about operations taking it out of you and causing MS to get worse but not my eyes, surely not now..

Glad I am not going blind, was a big shock last night when I suddenly all at once saw very little, had to use size 18 fonts to see anything, gave me a very bad shock.

Had a huge panic attack, Richie tried to reassure me that it was probably extreme exhaustion.

He was right; today my eyes are ok once again, which is brilliant, as I do not have to get too worried about my eyes right now.

The other good news is that Spike’s wheelchair will be here this week Thursday so hopefully Spike will be able to have a lot of fun with it.

The other good news is that the extra steering has been installed on the back of the wheelchair.

I am also going to get steering put right in the middle of my Perspex wheelchair table, so that I can use it to steer with both hands.

Which will fold away flat when I am not using and want to use my laptop or eat, think its good to use my hands for as long as possible.  


Anonymous said...

Very glad your eyes recovered. And very happy for Spike that his wheelchair will be coming soon.

Webster said...

That's a lot of good news, Herrad. What do you think of the SP cath so far? When I get tired, my optic neuritis tends to flare. So far it's only lasted from 15 min. to about 4 hours before clearing up. It's scary, though.

Make sure there are pictures of Spike using his wheelchair!

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
I was very relieved that my eyes were ok today.
Spike is doing much better he is more himself not anxious anymore and walking much more.
His wheelchair will be brilliant for letting him run like he loves to do.

Hi Webster,
It has been a good day, the sp is good,brilliant not to worry about my catheter anymore.
The eyes going was scary but I should have stopped writing sooner as I was so tired.
Will get Richie to take photos of Spike with his wheelchair.

Thanks both of you dear friends for coming by, good to see your comments.

Karen said...

Good news about the wheelchairs! I am glad to hear your sight cleared, that's scary.

Herrad said...

Hi Karen,
It was a huge relief that my eyes were ok again yesterday.
Looking forward to Spike's wheelchair coming tomorrow and seeing him run with it.
Thanks for coming by appreciate that very much.

Gerry said...

I am so glad that your eyes recovered. That would have been very scary for me not to see even for a little while. I don't blame you for experiencing a panic attack.

Herrad said...

Hi Gerry,
Thanks, I was extremely relieved too that my eyesa were ok the next day.
Phew what a relief that was for med the next day when I could read my mails.
Thanks for coming by.