Friday, November 05, 2010

Typical procrastinating pen pushing burocracy!


Kathe Kollwitz.

Yesterday was a strange day after the appointment fell through because of the mobility bus leaving without us.

Suddenly everything went flat, we were so up and ready to go to the important hospital appointment, once that was taken away so cruelly we felt deflated.

Shame that happened, especially after all of Richie’s good work, getting me up showered and dressed ready for 09.30.

I put in an immediate formal complaint and was informed right away that the driver was in the right, and we were in the wrong as we should have been ready 15 minutes before the time booked.

I was told that it was the rule to be ready 15 minutes before the booked pick up time, when I asked if I could see the rules, Rinie Isselman, from Stadsmobiel sent me the link to their website.

Went there but could not find much in the way of information and certainly no rules, e-mailed her asking where the rules were.

Rinie promised to send me the rules, my comment was that was nice of her but surely if there were rules they should be on the website for all to see, not hidden away secretly,did not get any response.
The amount of times I have had to wait for this bus in the past was too many to mention, been totally forgotten for hours outside in freezing weather.

But whatever they, the Stadsmobiel, are never in the wrong despite keeping people waiting for hour’s grrr!

Here is there e-mail address:

Felt very tired and washed out yesterday afternoon and evening and noticed how badly my hands and arms were functioning well at all.

So depressing thinking about my arms and hands, hate the feeling of paralysis which is slowly creeping up my arms.

Horrible to feel this happening and so soon but not surprised that is MS, typically I am to get the Perspex table for the wheelchair next week just when I am starting to lose my hand and arm functions.

Typical procrastinating pen pushing burocracy!


Anonymous said...

The driver was right? Sounds like one of those companies that is riddled with snares, but it is always Your fault.
Am so sorry. ~Mary

Herrad said...

Hi Mary,
You are right, no matter what they are always right like the time they forgot to pick us up for three hours when we went to view a new adapted place to live.
It was freezing cold February day, did not get an apology.

Travelogue for the Universe said...

The rules are mean and not pro human. I wish you feel better
because this has been so anticipated. These people are
so robotic, black and white. Does the bureaucrat depend on a strict schedule to the minute, would she like to have to cancel surgery for showing up 3 minutes late? Best wishes.Love, Mary