Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Atrocities In Syria

Yves Tanguy 
Watching the 23.00 BBC TV news on Sunday and again last night, and hearing the dreadful reports about the continuing massacres of innocent people in Syria were shocking.

Every day I hear on the radio that the UN Security Council condemns what is going on in Syria, in the strongest terms; France Germany as well as Britain has today expelled Syrian diplomats.

The UN’s special envoy Kofi Anan has been trying to get the Syrian government to stop attacking and killing its own civilian population.

He has been embarked on this diplomatic mission for the last six weeks without any sign of the violence stopping any time soon.

The Syrian government keeps hiding behind statements that it is not the Army who is responsible for the massacres; they say it is the insurgents who are responsible for the killing.

If anything there has been more violence recently since the arrival of the UN peacekeepers not less, the recent reports are all about a town near Homs, called Houla.

They moved onto Houla after the Syrian army flattened most of Homs with their continuous heavy shelling, the Alawite militias then went in going house to house killing everybody they found.

On Sunday we heard that 180 people have been executed in Houla, many of them small children and even babies, they were either shot in the head or had their throats cut.

After the army bombed and terrorised the people of Houla, they again sent in the Alawite militias to go house-to-house brutally murdering everyone they could find.

A 10-year-old boy managed to avoid getting killed along with his entire family, by playing dead near the bodies of his mother and siblings.

The Syrian government keeps protesting that it's not them doing the killing, when it is obviously the Syrian army who were and are still murdering civilians.

The Alawite’s are from the same minority sect as the ruling family the Assad’s,
the militias are fiercely loyal to their leader Bashir Assad.

The ruling Assad family seems to be determined to keep control of the country no matter at what cost, not surprising seeing as their sect, the Alawites only make up a mere 12% of the Syrian population.

It would be brilliant if Bashir Al Assad would step down now to stop even more bloodshed, I really fear that if he doesn't there will be a terrible civil war.

Otherwise Assad could very well end up suffering the same fate as Gaddafi did in Libya, dead with a flagpole shoved up his arse courtesy of his loving people.


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