Thursday, May 03, 2012

A Good Day

Julian Trevelyan

A good day, today our friend Anja came to help me with some administration.

First of all she phoned the court about my hearing next Wednesday, appealing the council’s decision to refuse me air conditioning.

Recently Anja, who is a social worker, had a client who also had a court appearance, but could not attend; she was allowed to communicate with the court during the hearing via Skype.

Anja therefore thought that it would be no problem for this to happen next Wednesday for my hearing.

However when she phoned the Amsterdam court, they told her, that they did not use Skype, nor could I be videoed so that I could be seen and heard during the hearing.

We amazed at this, how strange that another town and another court would allow Skype, but not the court in Amsterdam.

How very typical, what they were prepared to do would be to phone me during the hearing and ask me questions, this is second-best to the court seeing and hearing me.

There was nothing to do but accept the phone option, as the only way I could have any presence on Wednesday, I am quite disgusted by this infringement of my legal right to be present.

Anja and I went over all the arguments again, all the reasons why I need the air conditioning and why not having it is making my life very miserable.

I don't hold out much hope of the council’s decision being overturned especially in the current economic situation.

Sadly the council seem to have seen my application as something quite frivolous, which isn't; it is a vital necessity for me during the summer.

Once Anja had gone home I carried on writing my statement for the court hearing.

Richie got me out of bed and sitting briefly in my wheelchair to use the Motomed.

Near the end the door bell rang, it was our wonderful friend Jaya, who had come to visit us for three wonderful days.

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