Monday, May 28, 2012

The Voice.

Brigitte Szenczi, Hungarian Artist, 1943-

Yesterday evening we watched the semi-final of the programme on BBC TV called The Voice, which we have been watching since it started last month.

Two of the contestants, Ruth Brown and Jaz Ellington had the best voices; most of the others were generic and did not have good voices.

The only other contestant whose voice I rate is Tyler, a close friend of Amy Winehouse who tragically died last summer, robbing us all of her unique voice.

We watched in disbelief as first of all Ruth Brown was not voted through to the final by the public, they chose Leanne to go through to the final.

What a sick joke, to put Leanne through to the final, when she does not have the voice that Ruth Brown has, Leanne sounds like a club singer.

Whereas Ruth Brown has a wonderful powerful and passionate voice, she is a good soul singer.

The second shock was when we saw the other voice, Jaz Ellington also not been put through to the final.

Apart from Tyler the other contestant going through to the final, with a voice which sounds like a pale imitation of Delores O’Reardon, the Cranberries singer, was a woman called Bo.

How disappointing, once again it seems that the public have voted off the real talent on the show simply because they are black.

I was really hoping that Ruth Brown would win the final; Tom Jones who was her coach seemed to think so too, saying he would do everything he could to make her a star.                                                        

I hope he does, her voice should be heard, and I look forward to seeing her on Later with Jools, maybe this September, an exciting prospect.  

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