Wednesday, May 02, 2012

More Football Fun.

Julian Trevelyan

Last night my football fun carried on, when we watched Liverpool play against Fulham.

The game started well, and again I thought I could see that the Liverpool supporters thought that their team would automatically win.

Much to the shock of Liverpool, and I think to the delight of the Fulham fans, Fulham scored just before half time.

Liverpool did everything they could when they came back for the second half of the game.

But they did not manage, no matter what they did, to score a goal, at this point, I started to feel really hopeful that the match would end without Liverpool managing a goal.

It reminded me of the old chant, when I used go to see Arsenal games, and the chant was often 1 nil to the Arsenal.

Amazingly Fulham managed to stop Liverpool scoring a goal, for the first time ever in their existence they managed to win against Liverpool at Anfield; which was a huge victory for them.

I thought it was brilliant, I really enjoy those moments in football, when the unexpected happens.

The end of this football season 2011 to 2012 is really ending in an extremely tense, nerve wracking and thoroughly enjoyable time.


Have Myelin? said...

I'm glad you enjoy football. I enjoy watching the Denver Broncos play but that's about it. LOL.

Have a happy day Herrad.

Juli Junebug said...

Football can be really fun if it's a good game...otherwise i change the channel...GUESS WHAT?

I finally got WIFI...i can get around this endless internet easily now...

going to be restarting my blog this week: MS for Dummies...

Hope you are well my lovely friend

XOXO Juli in Louisiana

kmilyun said...

Just dropping in to say hiya and let you know I am still reading. I watch race cars that is about it really. I do watch our football sometimes when the San Francisco 49r's R playing.

Herrad said...

Hi KP,
thanks for your visit as well as your lovely comment. Seeing old friends is always good.

Hi Stephany,
lovely to see your comment, I hope you are well and your studies are progressing as you want them to. I'm sure you will do very well, hugs.

Hi Sherry,
it was wonderful, I agree with you I too wish I could meet all my blogging friends and you are definitely on the list right at the top. I would love to meet you I think we would have a laugh together.

Hi pb,
I like your quote thanks for coming by leaving your lovely comment.
I often think of you too.

Thanks to you four lovely friends for coming by and leaving comments which I appreciate more than I can say.
Jaya's visit was wonderful for all three of us. It was so good to see her again, she is such a good friend.
A real shame she lives so far away now, it used to be great when she could come over three times a year from England.
Once she's back home in Canada we will stay in touch via Skype and telephone and now we have seen each other again we will have lots to talk about.
Thinking of you all.