Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Exciting End Of The Football Season.

Alexander Canedo

What an exciting afternoon it has been, today are the very last football games of the season.

It has been nerve wracking especially watching the game between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers.

What was supposed to be an easy win for Manchester City became quite a battle, during which Queens Park Rangers scored two goals.

Then the Queens Park Rangers captain Joey Barton really lost the place and got a red card for violent behaviour, when Barton was going off he went back to have a go at another Manchester City player.

I suppose all the tension of the last crucial game was really getting to Joey Barton, a real shame as he was doing so well keeping his temper under control.

At the time of the sending off it looked as if Queens Park Rangers might go down and Bolton would stay up, after scoring two goals against Stoke City.

Then it seems that Stoke City got a penalty, Owen Coyle, the Bolton manager disputes that it was a genuine penalty saying that Peter Crouch dived.

That meant Bolton would be going down the Championships for the first time in 11 years and Queens Park Rangers will be staying up in the Premier League.

It was good to hear that Arsenal got the goal that they needed to stay in third place in the Premier league and now they will qualify for Champions League football again next season.

Some of the other results, were that Tottenham got two goals against Fulham, because Arsenal retained the third-place; Tottenham will have to hope that Chelsea do not win against Bayern Munchen so that Tottenham will qualify for champions league next season.

Everton beat Newcastle united by 3-1 yet another good result for David Moyes, who is a good manager, who does very well on a very tight budget.

At the end of the game between Manchester City and Queens Park Rangers, Manchester City had still not managed to score the winning goal.

The Manchester City fans were looking extremely upset and distraught at the thought that winning the League was going to be snatched out of their hands in this game.

That would have been very hard for the team and for their Manchester City fans that have been waiting for 44 years to win the League Cup again.

In the 5 minutes extra time they got their winning goals, the Manchester City football stadium erupted with jubilation that they finally won the big prize once again.

I'm very pleased that Roberto Mancini’s club Manchester City have won it this season, I am also very glad that Manchester United did not win this time.

It was really lovely to see the city fans going mad joy and it is especially nice to see Noel Gallagher celebrating this wonderful victory.

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