Friday, May 25, 2012

A Dreadful Afternoon.

Kay Sage 

It has been quite a day, typically what we didn't need to happen occurred when Richie took me to the bathroom for a catheter change and a shower.

The catheter came out all right but would not go back in and no matter what Richie did, he had no success.

After an hour and a half I called the doctor to ask for their assistance, once I explained, I was told someone would be there right away.

Hans, Dagma’s colleague came to see if he could help us, he too did not seem to be able to achieve the desired result.

He ended up making a telephone call to the urology department of one of the hospitals for their advice; they gave him a few tips.

Which he tried without success, then Hans went to the chemists to get a couple of catheters with a smaller diameter.

While he was gone Richie kept trying and in the end he got one of the catheters we used to use inserted without a problem.

So then he tried again with the supra pubic catheter, this time Richie inserted it at an angle and it slipped in no problem.

At that very moment the doctor returned with the other catheters, he was very pleased when he heard Richard had been successful.

Right now we both are trying to recover from spending just about four hours all told in the bathroom this afternoon.

Once I finish this I shall find an interesting piece of artwork the post this and spend the rest of the evening relaxing.


Webster said...

What a nightmare for both of you! I'm sure Richie was afraid of hurting you, and you were wondering what the hell had changed since the last time. Thank God it all worked out in the end, and that you got quick attention from various medical staff, even though, in the end it wasn't needed.

Stephany said...

What an ordeal! I hope you can have a relaxing weekend now.

jashaffer01 said...

Lord knows! What a nightmare for all of you involved!!! You, Richie and the poor doctor!!! Especially you and the doctor... He must have felt horrible being a medical professional not being able to insert it the first time he tried... YOU having to go through the whole ordeal... Then poor Richie thinking he was causing you pain - which no doubt it did hurt, I could ONLY imagine... I pray that you are able to relax in total comfort the rest of the evening and this does not cause you to get an UTI... That would really suck... I will keep you in my prayers for the next few weeks, especially just because... I always keep my MS blog friends in my prayers, but I think you need an extra little prayer slipped in there just in case... Hugs and prayers my dear friend <3

Herrad said...

Hello Webster,
it was a dreadful experience for both of us.
w are hat had changed from the time before was the angle I was sitting and once Richie had worked that out it went in without a problem.

Hello Stephany,
it was a dreadful ordeal which took me most of the weekend to get over.

Hello Jashaffer01,
thank you for your kind comment.
Luckily it was not painful just not pleasant for the whole procedure to take so long.
Richie always does it well in a couple of minutes.
The doctor on the other hand does it very seldom.
I did have a UTI but the antibiotics soon worked.

Thank you to you 3 lovely friends for coming by.
Luckily I and Richie both managed to relax once the ordeal was over.